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Talk Toomey – Ep. 167 Chuck Billy (Testament) / Hanno (Mantar) / Richie Cavalera (Incite)

Today is a triple threat of interviews. First up is Chuck Billy of Testament. Chuck is on to talk about his latest vape products under “The Chief” name. Chuck also talks about Practice What You Preach, Slayer tour and the future of marijuana in America Next up is Hanno Klaenhardt of Mantar. Mantar is a two-piece band from Germany and have a great sophomore album entitled “The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze” due August 24th. Hanno and I talk about his living in America for awhile, European festivals and the…

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Metal Injection – Squared Circle Pit – SquaredCirclePit #4 – Hanno from MANTAR Talks Learning American Pop Culture From Pro Wrestling

This was quite an enlightening conversation for me. I spoke to Hanno from Mantar, an awesome new death-and-roll duo. Hanno is from Germany so it was fascinating learning how a German person interpreted the overly nationalistic storylines of the WWF at the time. Hanno talks his favorite moments from the early 90s, his favorite wrestlers and perhaps the greatest retelling of the Yokozuna Body Slam challenge I have ever heard. We also discuss Doink the Clown, I.R.S., Abe “Knuckle Ball” Schwartz and the Macho Man.

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Metal Rules – Mantar – Hanno

Guten abend – Hows it going there in the Mantar camp ? Alright so far. Enjoying my last days in my new home in Florida before I go back to Europe and start the festival season 2016. Excited! Before going any further, as Mantar is relatively a new band coming from Germany to most of readers, therefore it would be awesome to start an interview by asking how Mantar came about ? We know each other for more than 18 years. Met in Bremen in the late 90s when i…

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