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Let There Be Talk – #429: Henry Rollins / Part 1

On today’s episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is the Legend Mr. Henry Rollins Rollins dropped by and spent an afternoon talking all kinds of stuff including Politics,Music,Travel Health,Vinyl,Spoken Word and of course The Ramones. It was a dream come true to talk to this man and I hope you guys enjoy it. Keep rocking and make sure you see Henry’s new special on Showtime in August.

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The Vinyl Guide – Ep100: Henry Rollins – Record Collector

Henry Rollins has a brilliant and diverse career, including fronting Black Flag, Rollins Band, authoring books, hosting TV shows and touring the world, however today he joins us as a fellow record collector. Henry shares about his legendary vinyl record collection, his approach to title curation, his adventures around the world looking to fill those voids in his collection and more. It’s a very special episode of The Vinyl Guide so pls enjoy and share!

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Loudwire – NOFX’s Fat Mike Defines Selling Out, Talks Punk vs. Metal + Calls Out Henry Rollins

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Joe DiVita. In A Fat Wreck, it was funny when Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, ex-No Use For a Name) said around 1996 a kid came up to him and asked, “What’s it like to be in a corporate sellout label like Fat Wreck Chords?” You seem to be the only one who is qualified to speak about what selling out is, because, by all accounts, you never have. What’s your definition of it? I would…

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Total Rock Radio – Exclusive interview with Bjorn Tagemose and Jesse Smith of Gutterdammerung at Hellfest 2016

Hayley Leggs talks to Gutterdammerung creator Bjorn Tagemose and singer Jesse Smith about the conception, reception and stars of ‘The Loudest Silent Movie Project on Earth’, featuring Grace Jones, Henry Rollins, Lemmy, Iggy Pop, Jesse Hughes, Tom Araya, Slash and more!

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Louder Than War – INTERVIEW : Henry Rollins on the art of spoken word and his upcoming UK tour

Henry Rollins 2016 spoken word tour of the UK starts this week. Tickets from here. Before hits the road he speaks to LTW boss and Membranes singer John Robb about the art of spoken word and why he opted out of the various Black Flag reunions… No-one comes close to the sheer volume of word iron that Henry Rollins pumps in his spoken word that are so mesmerising that the three hour talks feel like thirty minutes. If you have never seen Henry Rollins deliver his marathon pieces then we…

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Kreative Kontrol – Ian MacKaye & Steve Albini – Part 2

The punk legend, and the legendary producer speak to one another during the latest episode of the Kreative Kontrol podcast.

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 208 – Henry Rollins – Revisited

We are still on vacation, so here’s another great classic episode for you to enjoy! In March 2012, we spoke to one of the biggest Punk Rock Icons ever, HENRY ROLLINS! This was a bucket list moment for sure as we got to talk about his career and everything else he had going at the time. These days, Big Hank has his own podcast with his office manager and friend, Heidi May… it’s awesome and it’s called Henry and Heidi! Go here to read more.

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