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Decibel Geek Podcast – Radio Sucks Radio Show v34 – Ep332

Digital Killed the Radio Star host David Hudson is here to spin killer tunes with Radio Sucks 34! David was one of the many awesome VIP donors to ROCKNPOD and this week we’re returning the favor. In this hour-plus chat David digs into some great rock tunes that radio just won’t touch. This episode is full to the brim with killer tracks from some of your favorite artists. You’ll get ear candy from Tesla, Poison, Def Leppard, Warrant, Jerry Cantrell, Izzy Stradlin, Enuff Z’nuff and The Cult!

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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – ET- Jerry Cantrell // Sully Erna

With football season right around the corner, Eddie talks to Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell about his fantasy football draft for charity as well as opening for Slayer, the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and the future for Alice in Chains. Then, Godsmack mainman Sully Erna joins in to discuss his solo project, his work raising drug awareness with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, overcoming band drama, the rivalry between The New England Patriots and the New York Giants, and more!

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Let There Be Talk – #272:Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains

On todays episode of LET THERE BE TALK my friend Jerry Cantrell stops by and talks about the history of Alice in Chains. Jerry is one of the best Riff/Songwriters of all time and he also is a Guitar God. Sit back and hear how Alice in Chains got their start way back in the beginning  in Seattle.

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The Void AU – The Alice in Chains Story with Jerry Cantrell & Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan

Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell and Guns ‘N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan have known each other since the 80’s, when they were both Seattle musicians on the cusp of breaking through. In this special feature (content guide below), the two longtime friends share the story of AIC, from the Music Bank & when Man in the Box hit (features Corey Taylor & Ben Weinman).

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Talk Is Jericho – Episode 196 – Robert Trujillo Returns With Metallica Studio Update

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo returns to TIJ, and this time he brought his entire family… along with an update on Metallica’s new studio album! He’s also got details on the premiere of the Jaco documentary, the soundtrack album, and how you can see the doc if you don’t live in Los Angeles! Plus, Robert’s sharing thoughts on his bandmate Brooks Wackerman’s new gig as A7X drummer! He’s got Ozzy stories, and Jerry Cantrell stories, and yes, Robert Trujillo has a favorite Metallica song to play live… but you gotta listen…

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