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Metalsucks Podcast – #234 – John Bush (Armored Saint, ex-Anthrax)

We discuss the early days of Armored Saint, their goal of getting signed prior to playing 50 shows, Mike Piazza’s favorite track by the band, the writing process for classic album Symbol of Salvation, the stories behind the Anthrax records he performed on, his approach to writing lyrics with a broad appeal while remaining honest, and how he would love to play Win Hands Down in its entirety in 2025.

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – The Three Johns – John Waite, John Corabi, John Bush

Listen to not one, not two, but three interviews with vocalists named John. Those being John Waite, John Corabi (The Dead Daisies) & John Bush (Armored Saint) First up, The Babys, Bad English and solo superstar, John Waite discusses rediscovering himself in Nashville, his acoustic Wooden Heart solo albums & tour, his roots in the Blues, his long illustrious career, the spirit of making music and technology, The Babys’ Head First album, Bad English & possible reunion, KISS’ Vinnie Vincent, his No Brakes album featuring single Missing You, Mask Of…

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Focus On Metal – Two Johns

A double header of metal goodness this week as we bring you chats with vocalists John Bush and John Corabi. Armored Saint will be celebrating the metal classic, “Symbol of Salvation” by embarking on a tour where they’ll play the album in its entirety. John Bush is making his first appearance on FoM and will be giving us the update on that. On April 6th The Dead Daisies will be releasing their latest one “Burn It Down” and John Corabi stops by once again, this time to talk about that…

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 498: Summer Of Saint

We see a pattern here. It was this time last year that we ran our first (!) ARMORED SAINT interview, a real cool chat with Joey Vera. Now this year, The Saint march into summer with a pretty cool gameplan. Throughout July and August, the band will hit the road playing the “Symbol Of Salvation” record in its entirety. The band’s extensive discography does have some bigger, more well known albums. But “Symbol” holds a special place for The Saint and their diehards. So now is a good time for what we…

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The Metal Voice – John Bush Armored Saint Interview Talks LIVE DVD,Tour & Upcoming Album

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice recently spoke to Armored Saint (Ex-Anthrax) singer John Bush about the bands current Symbol of Salvation tour and filming of a live DVD. Bush also spoke about the bands plans for writing a follow-up to their last album Win Hands Down and the possibility or playing his Anthrax era songs live someday.

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Podcast Episode 157 – Anthrax Storytellers With John Bush

During this episode, we welcome John Bush back to the show to discuss the studio albums of original material he appeared on while he was in Anthrax. Similar to episode 156, the Armored Saint storytellers episode, I select a number of tracks from Sound Of White Noise, Stomp 442, Volume 8: The Threat Is Real, and We’ve Come For You All. But we do veer from there to discuss the albums overall, videos that were made along the way, the Ball Of Confusion cover, which saw Joey Belladonna duet with…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Podcast Episode 156 – Armored Saint Storytellers With John Bush And Joey Vera

This episode was many years in the making, thanks to Nikki Law it is now a reality. During this episode I rundown the band’s entire catalog of studio albums, discussing at least two tracks per album with both Joey Vera and John Bush. You’ll hear some common themes throughout, and hear how songs came together both form a lyrical standpoint, and musical composition. You hear Joey and John discuss a bunch of topics, including songs they’d love to rotate in the live setting, and possibly not play again, videos they’ve…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Podcast Episode 153 – John Bush Of Armored Saint & Sammy Lee Of Red Reign

This episode features two interviews, Sammy Lee of Red Reign joins us to discuss the band’s self titled ep, while John Bush comes on to discuss Armored Saint’s recently released Carpe Noctum. John also discusses where the band stands with regards to recording new material, and what it was like to narrate the documentary, Inside Metal L.A. Metal Scene Explodes. Follow Mars Attacks Radio And Podcast: Facebook Twitter Google+ Tumblr iTunes Stitcher RSS

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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – ET- John Bush // Phil Campbell // Jack Blades

On this triple edition of the podcast, Eddie is first joined by Armored Saint/former-Anthrax singer John Bush, who discusses Armored Saint’s new live album, ‘Carpe Noctum,’ as well as family, touring, leaving Anthrax, doing voiceover work, and more. Then, Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell phones in to discuss his latest project, Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons as well as the passing of Lemmy, his sons, and much more. The episode closes out with a talk with Night Ranger bassist/singer Jack Blades who discusses the band’s latest album, ‘Don’t Let Up,’…

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That Drummer Guy – John Bush

This is my interview with the legendary John Bush. This was taken place over skype on Friday February 10th, 2017. In this interview, we talk about the upcoming physical release of Armored Saint’s new live album Carpe Noctem coming out February 24th through Metal Blade Records. We also talk about what’s next for Armored Saint, playing to yours strengths, the importance of versatility and QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

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Metal Wani – ARMORED SAINT’s John Bush on ‘Carpe Noctem’, Music Business, Touring Regrets & Politics (2017)

Metal Wani’s William Richards had a chat with ARMORED SAINT frontman John Bush. He discusses the upcoming Live album “Carpe Noctem”, recording of the album, live response to latest record “Win Hands Down” and status of the upcoming record. He also talks about how the band has survived the changes in music business, how important is it to be aware of the money that comes in and goes, current state of the world in politics and whether it will impact the touring. He throws light on the career graph of…

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Talking Metal – “If I go to Amoeba Records and I go to the Anthrax section, I never see any of the records I made” says John Bush on TM 648

On this episode Talking Metal, Mark Strigl speaks with vocalist John Bush (Armored Saint, formerly of Anthrax) and vocalist John Garcia (formerly of Kyuss).  He also checks out some music by the Sean Baker Orchestra and a band out of Brazil called Jack the Joker. The interview with John Bush starts at the 12:30 mark.  Topics include the new live Armored Saint album Carpe Noctum (Metal Blade), the Win Hands Down album, Spotify, his day job, being a part of the 1980’s Los Angeles hard rock & metal scene and much…

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Metal Insider – Interview: John Bush talks Armored Saint live album, Metallica, PledgeMusic campaign

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Mark Uricheck. So tell me John, how did the idea come about to not only fund this upcoming live record, but also to release it at this time? It’s obviously been a while since there was a live Armored Saint record. Well, the last live record we did was Saints Will Conquer back in 1987, which was a pretty raw, gritty record. I think it was a pretty straightforward live record with mistakes and everything. With Armored Saint, one of the…

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Hard Edge Radio – 12-31-2015 on Hard Edge Radio

January 1st, 2016 Thursday December 31st on Hard Edge Radio we put together a “Best of 2015″ edition with some of our favorite national interviews that we had throughout the year. Kerry King from Slayer, Phil Anselmo from Down, Kirk Windstein from Crowbar, John Bush from Armored Saint, Tom Hunting from Exodus and Ted Aguilar from Death Angel were the featured interviews. We return from the holiday with the first live show for 2016 on January 7th.  Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on…

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Metal Talk – John Bush of Anthrax

Armored Saint recently toured throughout Europe. Before their show with Queensryche at the Electric Ballroom in London, Mark Taylor spoke to their vocalist John Bush on board Armored Saint’s tour bus about their new album out on Metal Blade Records ‘Win Hands Down’. John Bush also talks about life on the road with his family, the pitfalls of lost luggage whilst touring, his tenure as the third vocalist of Anthrax, the offer to join Metallica and his love of music.

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The Classic Metal Show – Bob Nalbandian

Here are your Classic Metal Show podcasts for October 8th, 2015. Neeley and Chris welcome metal documentarian Bob Nalbandian back on the show. Bob talks about some recent shows he went to see, Armored Saint, TRadioV and more. Neeley proclaims that the Anthrax album AMONG THE LIVING was too “rappy” for his taste. Chris and Doghouse don’t understand what Neeley hears that makes it “rappy”. Neeley and Chris talk about Lou Gramm, and how he doesn’t look like Lou Gramm at all. He also doesn’t sound very good anymore either.…

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Maximum Threshold – Episode 420 – Night Magic And Joey Vera Of Armored Saint

This is a shortened show. But two magnificent interviews and some pretty sweet tunes as far as we can remember. This show was recorded at 3:30am after the Armored Saint/Saxon show in Cleveland, OH. So download this and give is a listen. Horns up baby! To read more go here.

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