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MESA/Boogie – MESA/Boogie Tone Summit – John Petrucci/Doug West – Dream Theater Guitar Tones History

John Petrucci has been using Mesa amplification for over 30 years, and Mesa amplifiers have been featured on every Dream Theater album since the bands creation in 1985. During a Tone Summit on November 14, 2016, John joined Mesa R & D Director, Doug West at the Guitar Sanctuary Performance Hall in McKinney, Texas for a night of discussion about tone, John’s Mesa signature amp – the JP-2C – and the amps behind the tones of various Dream Theater songs over the years.

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Joe Satriani – G3 2018 is coming to Europe in March (Joe Satriani/John Petrucci/Uli Jon Roth)

Joe Satriani is bringing G3 back to Europe in 2018! Joining him are John Petrucci and Uli Jon Roth. Expect a night of awe-inspiring celebration of the guitar with sets by each guitarist and the traditional closing G3-jam! Joe’s band featured Mike Keneally (keyboards, guitar), Bryan Beller (bass) and Joe Travers (drums).

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Guitar Center – Here’s How: John Petrucci’s Open Strings Techniques

Break free from the shackles of single-note lead melodies. Grab your axe and join Dream Theater’s John Petrucci as he opens up new ways of utilizing open-string playing. In this video, he’ll walk you through easy-to-implement techniques—such as pedal tones, triplets, hammers, slides, and aggressive pick attacks—that’ll help you enhance your playing. Whether you’re new to shredding or you’re a pro picker, it never hurts to take the lead from one of Heavy Metal’s most revered guitarists. Tune up, tune in, and get ready to rock.

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Guitar Center – Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Monarchy Majesty Series

Introducing the Monarchy Series John Petrucci Majesty guitars. New for 2017 the Monarchy series feature a highly flamed maple shield seated in an African Mahogany body. While previous models have featured a completely matte finish, the Monarchy series features a glossy finish on the front and a matte finish on the back for a luxurious look and feel. Equipped with DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy pickups and a piezo bridge, the Monarchy series offer a versatile palette of tones. Includes hardshell case.

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