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Loudwire – Jonathan Davis: 7 Things We Learned At The Musicians’ Institute

The Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood held a Q&A with #JonathanDavis of #Korn– here are the 7 most interesting excerpts from their conversation: including Jonathan discussing his love of #DuranDuran and other ’80s music, his plans for his next album and how #StarTrek inspired him to play #bagpipes.

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Lead Singer Syndrome – Episode 141 – Jonathan Davis (Korn)

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis joins the show this week!  2018 is a year of milestones for JD – 25 years of Korn, 20th anniversary of their seminal album Follow The Leader, and also 20 years of sobriety.  Now with a new solo album, he shows no signs of slowing down.  Shane and Jonathan discuss all this as well as being a father of three, shittalking Metallica, and the epidemic of suicides and overdose of other lead vocalists in the rock scene.  Also – JD picks his favourite and least favourite…

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Inappropriate Earl – Episode 225 – Jonathan Davis

Join me as I have one of the top NHL Analyst in the business the great Jonathan Davis on and we break down the LA Kings and the rest of the league in the middle of this LA Heat Wave!! Follow him on Twitter @westcoasthky and me on Instagram/Twitter @EarlSkakel Be on the lookout for him as well as he hosts 2Man Advantage @SiriusXMNHL @NHLNetwork LA correspondent, Weekly Mon. segment on @tsn1290, weekly Tues segment @SiriusXMNHL, weekly column @SiriusXMNHL

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Alternative Press – Jonathan Davis “Black Labyrinth” Track By Track Breakdown

Jonathan Davis, the iconic frontman of nu metal pioneers, Korn, breaks down every track on his dynamic new solo record “Black Labyrinth” in this APTV world exclusive. Davis has been working on the album for over a decade and has drawn inspiration from his personal struggles with anxiety, disdain for judgmental Bible-thumpers, passion for world music, and the anger he felt upon guitarist Brian “Head” Welch’s departure from Korn. It’s an album a decade in the making and Davis explains in detail why it was worth your wait.

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Alternative Press – Jonathan Davis Video Commentary for “What It Is” and “Everyone”

Jonathan Davis’ long-awaited studio solo album debut , “Black Labyrinth,” is a genre-bending odyssey that tackles heady concepts while simultaneously smashing musical styles in a way only Mr. Davis can dish out. The music videos for the album’s “What It Is” and “Everyone” are just as visionary—a series of bleak dystopian short films filled with Religious cults, blue milk, blood and brainwashing, all told backwards. In this APTV Exclusive, Jonathan Davis walks us through the thought process that he and his brain trust went through in developing the nonlinear narrative…

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Loudwire – 5 Questions With Sunflower Dead’s Michael Del Pizzo: Working With Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Touring + More

Here is a sample of Liz Ramanand’s article: The latest album is titled It’s Time to Get Weird. How was the overall recording process for this album? Incredible because we did it as a band together. There was no, “This is my song or this is his song.” It was five dudes in a rehearsal space, it was old school. We had our little recording unit and we would jam until we were happy. Then we would send the demos over to the producers. We did a couple of days…

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Noisecreep – The History Of Metal And Horror Documentary

The History Of Metal And Horror Documentary showcases how meta and the horror movie genre have gone almost hand in hand with one another since the very first Black Sabbath album. The documentary features Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Alice Cooper and Jonathan Davis of Korn. Here is a promo.

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