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Cobras And Fire – EP 130: O Devil Where Art Thou, The Devil’s Role In Rock

This week Loose Cannon and Bakko get back to their roots with an episode of Devil music. Along with an exciting announcement regarding a new attraction added to Cobrafest 18, there sadly has been another cancellation as well, Ken Mills has a new podcast and Cobras & Fire has the exclusive scoop on that, Bakko explains his preference for not streaming has nothing to do with the almost 3 year difference in his and Loose Cannon’s age and they offer some sympathy for the Devil as they breakdown the role…

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Noche De Rock – Spanish – 1141 – Judas Priest – Moikave

Judas en el disco de la semana, Moikave en la entrevista. Sepultura en los clásicos. La Villa en los juegos. Queremos avisaros de que hemos tenido problemas técnicos con la grabación del programa de esta semana. Al final hemos recuperado prácticamente todo el programa tirando de una copia de seguridad que hacemos en casa, pero que al tener como fuente la emisión online de foramontanos es de peor calidad. Tras un duro trabajo de edición hemos sustituido algunos fragmentos por los audios originales para que sea más escuchable. Esperamos disculpeis…

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The Metal Voice – Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens ( x Judas Priest) & Simon Wright (x AC/DC) interview By Neil Turbin

For The Metal Voice former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin spoke to Dio Disciples singer Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens ( exJudas Priest, Iced Earth) and drummer Simon Wright (Ex AC/DC) at the 4th Annual Ride for Ronnie on May 6 2018 at Encino park California. The two spoke about the new Dio Disciple album, their relationship with Ronnie and their thoughts on Axl Rose singing and recording with AC/DC.

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Into The Combine – 67. Carcass “Heartwork” Discussion & Sludge Interview

Stan the Man is back with us and we really brought a lot to the table for our “What we’ve been listening to” section including Homewrecker, The Crown, Alghazath, Judas Priest, Mammoth Grinder, Bleed From Within, Conjurer, Inferi, & Discussed Carcass’s legendary “Heartwork” album. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for an interview with Matt Slugg Moss of the band Slugdge where we talked about their new album “Esoteric Malencology”, the themes and lyrics of the band, the effects of mental illness, and a lot more. Patreon listeners…

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 122 – Judas Priest Concert Recap, Record Store Day, Tipping Etiquette

Ep 122 – Concert Recaps, Record Store Day, Tipping Etiquette – Bakko and LC detail their experiences at two recent concerts they attended together, apart: Judas Priest / Saxon / Black Star Riders and Glorious Sons. They also discuss Record Store Day and tipping etiquette on an $8 Budweiser. Music featured in show order below. Support artists. Buy this music!

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The Sons Of Metal Podcast – Episode #73: Power By the Name of a Relentless Slave

CHR and Doug kick off Year Seven of the show with a look at the previous year. After that, it’s business as usual with new albums from Rivers of Nihil and the legendary Judas Priest. Doug brings some high-speed tech-death from Archspire to the indie segment while CHR attempts to relive his glory days with Skid Row’s second album.

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Talking Metal Video – Best New Hard Rock Music For Feb, March & April 2018

Mark Strigl and Victor Ruiz talk about and review new hard rock music . This episode was record at the end of March 2018. Topics include Judas Priest, Black Moth, The Sword, Turbonegro, Monster Magnet, Ross the Boss and more.

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