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Revolver – Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach On Fighting Depression, Finding Purpose In Music: Rise Above, Ep 2

In Revolver’s video series “Rise Above,” artists open up about the personal and creative adversity they’ve faced and reveal how they turn such struggles into art. In Episode 2, Killswitch Engage and Times of Grace singer Jesse Leach opens up about his battles with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. See him recount the dark years when he didn’t have the ability to discuss what was going on with him and the pivotal moment when he took to social media to publicly reveal his struggle — a transformative experience that deepened…

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100 Words Or Less: The Podcast – Howard Jones From Light The Torch, Killswitch Engage And Blood Has Been Shed

Episode 301 – We are NOT slowing down after our celebratory 300th episode, today I have my old friend Howard Jones from Light the Torch, Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed (!!!) talking about the old touring days, making friends in the music world, depression and being the odd man out. I adored this discussion and I hope you will too. https://www.buzzsprout.com/2444/680627-howard-jones-from-light-the-torch-killswitch-engage-and-blood-has-been-shed.mp3

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Talk Is Jericho – Howard Jones Lights The Torch

Howard Jones’ band has a new name, Light The Torch, and their new studio album dropped today!  It’s called “Revival”… and Howard’s telling the whole story on TIJ!  He’s also speaking candidly about his battle with manic depression, the medication merry-go-round that affected his relationship with his former band, Killswitch Engage, and what exactly happened to Devil You Know. He’s sharing tour stories, camping stories, and stories about being mistaken for 80s British New Waver Howard Jones!

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 142 Howard Jones (Light The Torch)

The mighty Howard Jones joins to the Talk Toomey Podcast this week. Howard and I discuss the latest Light The Torch record, JNCOS, the recent Killswitch Engage hang and more. I answer some listener and Facebook Live questions. Robb Rivera of Nonpoint gives his weekly Pick From The Kit https://www.buzzsprout.com/48505/656970-ep-142-howard-jones-light-the-torch.mp3

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Lead Singer Syndrome – Episode 116 – Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed)

Metal/Hardcore legend Howard Jones (Light The Torch, Ex – Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed) joins the show! He talks to Shane about the reason for the name change of his new band, his Gospel and R&B upbringing that shaped his voice, and the real story of his departure from Killswitch Engage. Bonus: Shane and Howard discuss the best bands with the worst names, and the worst bands with the best names.

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Metalsucks Podcast – #226 – Howard Jones (Light the Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage)

We discuss his latest project Light The Torch (formerly known as Devil You Know) and their new album Revival, the project he has been working on with Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork), his bucket list moment with Dee Snider, his take on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s rumored fight in the MMA, his thoughts on touring as a solo artist and much more. http://traffic.libsyn.com/metalsucks/Howard20Jones20Episode20226.mp3

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Metalsucks Podcast – #226: Howard Jones (Light the Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage)

Howard Jones is our guest this week. We discuss his latest project Light The Torch (formerly known as Devil You Know) and their new album Revival, the project he has been working on with Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork), his bucket list moment with Dee Snider, his take on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s rumored fight in the MMA, his thoughts on touring as a solo artist and much more. Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn introduce the world to Van Damme’s debut hardcore album, discuss the news of Glenn Tipton stepping away from touring with Judas Priest…

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Revolver – Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach, Baroness’ John Baizley Talk Art, Bus Accident, Moving Forward

“You can get knocked off the horse and get back up, it doesn’t matter how hard you’re knocked off. You can get up if you want to,” Baroness singer-guitarist John Dyer Baizley says of the universal message he hopes his band can spread since returning to the stage after the horrible bus accident in 2012 that left band members with serious injuries. In Episode 3 of “Flex Your Head” — Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach’s interview series with Revolver — the two vocalists discuss overcoming tragedy, Baizley’s passion for visual…

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The Kevin Gill Show – Ep 138 – Jesse Leach Killswitch Engage

Jesse Leach sits down with Kevin Gill to discuss Hardcore, Mental health, Cro Mags, Marijuana, Touring with Anthrax, PMA, returning to Killswitch Engage, Lemmy from Motorhead, Juggalos as gang members. being proud of who he is. KG talks the upcoming Twitchcon with Kaiju Big Battel., Killthrax 2 Tour , Flex Your head Podcast and MUCH MORE! Recorded in person!

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Revolver – Killswitch’s Jesse Leach, Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret Talk NYHC, Tour Life, Fighting, Growing Up

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without hardcore, and Agnostic Front had a major part in that,” Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach says at the beginning of Episode 2 of “Flex Your Head” — his interview-series with Revolver — introducing guest Roger Miret. Over the course of the next 35-plus minutes, the two frontmen dive deep into NYHC history, share war stories from the road and discuss the ties that bind the hardcore “tribe” and how tough times can inspire great art.

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Revolver – Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach, Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley Talk Struggles, Inspiration

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has teamed with Revolver for “Flex Your Head,” a new video-interview and podcast series where the singer dives deep into the inner workings of other musicians to try and find out what drives them to create. The premiere episode features Keith Buckley, lead vocalist and lyricist for metalcore stalwarts Every Time I Die. The two frontmen discuss formative influences, the value of humor and the challenge of channeling personal hardship into art.

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Talk Is Jericho – Heaven’s Metal Meltdown

Heaven’s Metal Meltdown is a group text brought to life straight outta Y2J’s phone! Not kidding (now you know what he texts about when he’s not in the ring)! It’s Richard Christie (from the Howard Stern Show), and Devil You Know & former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones (also a TIJ alum) talking about their favorite thing – Christian metal! They’re telling stories from childhood about discovering the bands, buying albums, seeing live shows, and meeting some of their heroes! They’re dissecting bands like Stryper, Whitecross, Guardian, Bloodgood, Barren Cross,…

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Riffing With Christina – 022 – Jesse Leach / Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach riffs on life, love, psychedelic Slayer covers and the punk rock, hardcore, 80s metal and goth bands that gave birth to the band, mental health awareness, Wayne’s World and more whilst in Sydney for the 15th anniversary tour of the band’s landmark record, “Alive or Just Breathing.” http://traffic.libsyn.com/riffingwithchristina/022RiffingWithChristinaJesseLeachKSE.mp3

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Squared Circle Pit – #21 – WrestleMania 33 Preview with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE’s Mike D. & EVERY TIME I DIE’s Andy Williams

I’m trying something different on the new edition of the Squared Circle Pit. With WrestleMania this weekend, I wanted to invite two of my favorite all-time guests back on the show to talk predictions. First up, I catch up with Killswitch Engage’s Mike D., who just got on the road with Anthrax, to talk his predictions. Then, I talked to Andy Williams of Every Time I Die about everything going on this weekend, including Andy’s match tonight at Joey Janela’s Spring Break and all the matches this weekend. Do our predictions line up…

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