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Peer Pleasures – Brian Head Welch (Korn) Episode 79 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

This week on Peer Pleasure Dewey chats with a childhood hero of his, Brian Head Welch from Korn. They talk all about recording the first Korn record to success beyond his wildest dreams and losing it all. Now he is well on his journey to getting back to the good side of life with his daughter and has a new documentary on the festival circuit called Loud Krazy Love about his life. Check out this awesome chat right away!

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Alternative Press – Jonathan Davis “Black Labyrinth” Track By Track Breakdown

Jonathan Davis, the iconic frontman of nu metal pioneers, Korn, breaks down every track on his dynamic new solo record “Black Labyrinth” in this APTV world exclusive. Davis has been working on the album for over a decade and has drawn inspiration from his personal struggles with anxiety, disdain for judgmental Bible-thumpers, passion for world music, and the anger he felt upon guitarist Brian “Head” Welch’s departure from Korn. It’s an album a decade in the making and Davis explains in detail why it was worth your wait.

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Alternative Press – Jonathan Davis Video Commentary for “What It Is” and “Everyone”

Jonathan Davis’ long-awaited studio solo album debut , “Black Labyrinth,” is a genre-bending odyssey that tackles heady concepts while simultaneously smashing musical styles in a way only Mr. Davis can dish out. The music videos for the album’s “What It Is” and “Everyone” are just as visionary—a series of bleak dystopian short films filled with Religious cults, blue milk, blood and brainwashing, all told backwards. In this APTV Exclusive, Jonathan Davis walks us through the thought process that he and his brain trust went through in developing the nonlinear narrative…

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Decibel Geek Podcast – Rock News, Opinion, and a HUGE Announcement – New Noize V2 ep320

We are back this week to give you our take on current rock news with New Noize V2. There are some interesting stories coming from the world of rock and we’re going to cover some of our favorites. Gibson Broke? Gibson Guitar filed for bankruptcy recently. There are a lot of armchair critics. We’re no exception. Listen this week to hear our thoughts on the decision making process of a legendary luthier. Perry, Tyler, and…Spongebob?? Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are nominated for a Tony Award. That’s not the weird…

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 149 Brian “Head” Welch (Korn)

Brian “Head” Welch joins the ranks of the Talk Toomey Podcast. Head and I talk about his upcoming documentary “Loud Krazy Love”, being a rock star dad and some Korn memories. Head talks about playing with Mike Bordin from Faith No More. We talk about his coming back to Korn and what Korn means to him today. Head evens gets a few questions in on me. Robb Rivera gives us one of his favorite Iron Maiden tracks for his weekly Pick From The Kit Music on this episode from Korn,…

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Discography Discussion Podcast – Episode 060: Korn Revisited With Lorin Kozlowski Of Roach Koach Podcast

Lorin Kozlowski of the Roach Koach podcast caught wind that we were taking a second look at Korn and decided to drop in with his thoughts. This time we discuss whether or not Korn’s lyrics age well, if dubstep/brostep was necessary, was Brian Head Welch the band, and so much more! Don’t wanna talk about politics? Good. It’s time for Discography Discussion. #discussmetal

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Metal Wani – KORN’s Ray Luzier on DOWNLOAD Melbourne, GRAMMY Nomination & Upcoming Record (2017)

Ahead of a very special upcoming headline performance at Download Festival in Melbourne, Korn’s Ray Luzier took some time out of his schedule to talk to Metal Wani’s Jake Patton about the upcoming performance. During the conversation Ray talks about the band’s fondness for Australia; and their desire to tour there more; and also touches on why there are lengthy gaps between appearances by the band Down Under. They also discuss the band’s relationship with Download Festival since its inception in the United Kingdom; Korn’s position as a headlining band…

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Working Drummer Podcast – 144 – Ray Luzier: Drumming for Korn, KXM, Army Of Anyone, David Lee Roth, Having a Back-Up for the Back-Up

Ray Luzier was raised in West Newton, Pennsylvania, a small town an hour outside of Pittsburgh. He began playing drums at age five, and although basically self-taught, he participated in high school jazz, concert, and marching bands. After graduating in 1988, Luzier moved to Hollywood, California to pursue an education at the renowned Musicians Institute. He graduated in 1989 with a degree from MI’s Percussion Institute of Technology. Luzier later returned as an instructor at Musicians Institute (1992–2001), where he taught rock-style drumming classes and gave private lessons.

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The You Rock Foundation – Korn’s Ray Luzier

Although Ray Luzier (Korn, drummer) has not suffered directly from anxiety and depression he has been witness to those close to him as well as on the road who have, and have turned to self medicating in destructive ways. Ray recently spoke with The You Rock Foundation during Korn’s summer 2017 tour with Stone Sour. Ray wanted to express his empathy and compassion for others by offering words of support as well as strong statements of positive ways to push through, feelings of anxiety and depression. Ray attributes a lot…

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Talking Metal – TM 687 Producer Toby Wright – RockNPod Expo Pt 3

On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl and John “Ostronomy” Ostrosky talk with legendary music producer Toby Wright. Topics include Korn, Kiss, Alice In Chains and much more. This interview was recorded on Aug. 26, 2017 at the Rock N Pod Expo in Nashville. Listen to “TM 687 Producer Toby Wright” on Spreaker.

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The Nothing Shocking Music Discussion Podcast – Chris Collier

Welcome to the Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this weeks episode our guest is producer/engineer/Mixer etc Chris Collier. Chris has worked with several artists including George Lynch, Ray Luzier, Korn, KXM, Prong just to name a few. He’s going to be the next big producer for rock music and it was great to talk with him.

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – Metallica, Anthrax, Venom Inc.

You want Heavy? Rock Talk gives you HEAVY! Guests include Robert Trujillo of Metallica talking family, Korn, Lou Reed and more. Drummer Charlie Benante gives an Anthrax update and discusses the band’s upcoming State Of Euphoria & Persistence Of Time deluxe reissues. And finally, Venom Inc.’s Tony Dolan talks Blood Stained Earth tour and new album, Ave. Plus, Chris Jericho FOZZY bandmate, Rich Ward, explains why Metallica has been so successful for so long.

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Pure Rock Radio – Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3: Classic Rock & New Tunes!

This week Rich digs deep into the vault for Classic Rock from The Doors, Electric Light Orchestra, April Wine, Don Felder, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller Band, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Zz Top, Styx, Rush, Kim Mitchell, And Night Ranger Among Others. Plus New Music From Alice Cooper, Damn Freaks, Hell Or Highwater, Korn, Doll Skin, Death Angel, River Black, Riverdogs, Twelve Noon, Killset, Shattered Sun, Statue Of Demur, Mr. Big, and many more! REQUESTS for MOTORHEAD and MOTHER NIGHT. This week’s edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired…

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