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Talk Toomey – Ep. 167 Chuck Billy (Testament) / Hanno (Mantar) / Richie Cavalera (Incite)

Today is a triple threat of interviews. First up is Chuck Billy of Testament. Chuck is on to talk about his latest vape products under “The Chief” name. Chuck also talks about Practice What You Preach, Slayer tour and the future of marijuana in America Next up is Hanno Klaenhardt of Mantar. Mantar is a two-piece band from Germany and have a great sophomore album entitled “The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze” due August 24th. Hanno and I talk about his living in America for awhile, European festivals and the…

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Metal Injection – LIVECAST #474 – Conservative Warrior with Hanno from MANTAR

Mantar is a band that needs to be on your radar, and we’re interviewing frontman Hanno Klänhard to talk about their upcoming release, The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze out August 24, 2018 via Nuclear Blast. We talk about the new album, Hanno’s love of AC/DC, drinking, moving to Florida, Vanilla Ice, and flea markets. We also discuss Disturbed’s new marketing plan, politics in metal and we get deep about the controversy in politics regarding potential Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

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Doomed & Stoned – Full Metal Eclipse: The Sun Has Turned To Black

This week, The Doomed & Stoned Show is memorializing the Solar Eclipse with a playlist of songs related to the sun, moon, light, darkness, you get the idea. Thank you to readers for your suggestions! We have so many good ideas that we’re going to do more than on ‘cast this week, so stay tuned!

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No Control Radio – Replay 4/7/17

We have a bunch of great shows coming up, if you haven’t checked the NO CONTROL concert calendar, I suggest you do! So many metal shows passing through including the Texas Independence Fest featuring Anthrax and Killswitch Engage. It is great to be getting some high profile tours through Austin, it seems like the metal is taking notice that we actually come out to support these tours on a regular basis, so thank you for being such a bad ass audience! Hopefully I am bringing you the info on those…

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CVLT Nation – Mantar

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Nick for CVLT Nation. The two of you just recently got signed to Nuclear Blast, congratulations! Has this signing made you feel more of a sense of opportunity for different types of endeavors? Of course, being on Nuclear Blast offers a lot of stuff we could not do before. Like shooting a video, or having someone paying for our super insanely expensive US visas for touring over here. Plus, of course they have very good in-house promotion and a lot of people…

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Metalsucks Podcast – The Best Metal Albums of 2016 So Far with Rob of Metal Injection on The MetalSucks Podcast #149

This week we take a look at the best metal albums of 2016 so far. Of course we see it differently from one another but we lay out what this year has offered and what it really means in the scope of metal history and the rest of the year to come. We also invite Rob Pasbani of Metal Injection and the Metal Injection Livecast to offer a different perspective on this year’s releases. He fills us in on his new-car jams and takes a look ahead at which albums might…

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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 238: Filter, Mantar, Primitive Weapons 2016 Album Reviews + Royal Thunder, The Sword, Wild Throne, Torche, Kvelertak Live Reviews

Out of Shape Shirtless Guppy We are now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  So, that means you stuck with just Nick and Brian, but you get three new album reviews and a whole slew of live reviews since Nick was busy this last week. Go here to read more about the episode.

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Metal Injection – Squared Circle Pit – SquaredCirclePit #4 – Hanno from MANTAR Talks Learning American Pop Culture From Pro Wrestling

This was quite an enlightening conversation for me. I spoke to Hanno from Mantar, an awesome new death-and-roll duo. Hanno is from Germany so it was fascinating learning how a German person interpreted the overly nationalistic storylines of the WWF at the time. Hanno talks his favorite moments from the early 90s, his favorite wrestlers and perhaps the greatest retelling of the Yokozuna Body Slam challenge I have ever heard. We also discuss Doink the Clown, I.R.S., Abe “Knuckle Ball” Schwartz and the Macho Man.

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Metal Rules – Mantar – Hanno

Guten abend – Hows it going there in the Mantar camp ? Alright so far. Enjoying my last days in my new home in Florida before I go back to Europe and start the festival season 2016. Excited! Before going any further, as Mantar is relatively a new band coming from Germany to most of readers, therefore it would be awesome to start an interview by asking how Mantar came about ? We know each other for more than 18 years. Met in Bremen in the late 90s when i…

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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 235: Wormed, North, Walls of Jericho 2016 Album Reviews + Mantar, Devildriver, Weekend Nachos, Fallujah, Thrice Previews

We inadvertently (and kinda loosely) have a theme of space in our album reviews this week.  One quite obviously deals with outer-space and sic-fi themes.  Another manages to use the space of the soundstage to it’s fullest potential, creating atmosphere and layers.  The last…well, the last we just kinda want to put a lot of space between us and the album.  Like I said – loosely themed.  Oh, and we also made space for some more First Impressions!

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No Control Radio – Replay 3/25/16

I have been blasting metal on NO CONTROL Radio for 11 years this week, thank you to all of you who listen to my little corner of radio gold! We made the list of Best Radio Shows in the Chronicle Music Awards, and I couldn’t have done any of this stuff if not for you all chiming in each week, going to shows and cheering me on! [embedded content]

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No Control Radio – NO CONTROL Radio Replay 2/26/16

The last show of February means we are about to feel the spin up to SXSW, you can’t deny there is always a buzz in the air this time of year, and it’s not just the metal rining in your ears either. Although it is about to begin, we haven’t started the full ramp up just yet, we stick tight to the new tunes from UXO, Asking Alexandria, Babymetal, Otep, Mantar, Destroyer 666, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Deftones and classics from Metallica, Helmet, Slayer, Mastodon, and more! [embedded content]

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Metal Injection Livecast – Episode 328 – The Agoraphobic Explorer

This week, we discussed the recent controversy of Megadeth playing in China and played back some of Mustaine’s hilarious Periscopes. We also discussed a party Rob went to that involved a convo about worm vulvas. We also discussed more stories about homeless people and weird things on the train. We got some great voice mails from Max and Israeli Guy and explain some of our interview techniques. Go here to read more.

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Metal Injection – Ask The Artist – What Is Your Dream Stage Set-Up?

We ask members of Crowbar, Mutoid Man, Paradise Lost, Tribulation, Lord Dying, Mantar, Havok, Leng Tch’e, Phinehas, InAeona, Employed To Serve, Vattnet Viskar and Svalbard if they had all the money in the world, what would their dream stage set up look like?

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Metal Injection – Ask The Artist – First Thing You Do When Leaving The Stage?

We ask members of Crowbar, Mutoid Man, Paradise Lost, Tribulation, Lord Dying, Mantar, Havok, Leng Tch’e, Phinehas, InAeona, Employed To Serve, Vattnet Viskar and Svalbard about what they do upon leaving the stage.

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