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Moshpit On SYN – King Parrot [Extended] | Matt Young on international touring & new material

Matt “Youngy” Young from the brutal King Parrot spoke to Moshpit EP Stefan about the band’s crazy shows, including upcoming gigs in Australia and the different audiences around the world. Matt also chats about the follow-up to last year’s Dead Set album and finishes with the lightning round! Plenty more is discussed in this extended interview, including the business side of the band and working with the legendary Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down fame!

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 416: House Show

Our relationship with Housecore Records goes way back to both of our humble beginnings. The label is a major player within the Metal underground with a wide array of artists covering many sub-genres. Thrash, death, sludge, grind, and hardcore are well represented. Seeing the artistic merit of these artists, the legendary VOIVOD recently took a duo of Housecore’s finest on tour for your viewing and listening pleasure. Grinders KING PARROT are doing “Down Under”proud. We caught up with vox Matt Young and discussed their latest Dead Set record, their unique monicker, and Australia’s casual…

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Riffing With Christina – 009 – Matt Young / King Parrot

Matt Young, frontman of one of Australia’s most successful heavy metal bands King Parrot talks to Christina about their European tour with Soulfly, his journey from bass to vocals, writing new material, the six gigs that changed his life and lots more.

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One On One With Mitch Lafon – 1on1 Mitch Lafon – 233 Denner/Shermann & Primal Fear

Episode 233 of One On One With Mitch Lafon is an all metal triple-header featuring Denner/ Shermann guitarist Hank Shermann (also of Mercyful Fate), KING PARROT vocalist Matt Young and PRIMAL FEAR’s Ralf Scheepers. In the episode’s first interview guitarist Hank Shermann discusses Denner/Shermann’s new Masters Of Evil album as well as Mercyful Fate, King Diamond and more.

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The Void AU – King Parrot (Matt Young): My Top 6 Gigs – Pantera, Damaged & More (2016 Interview, Part 2 of 2)

King Parrot singer Matt Young chats to Christina Rowatt about the six gigs that blew his mind (content guide below), why King Parrot is unique and why being Black Sabbath is the best thing. Features cameo appearances from Kerry King and Vinnie Paul. Part #1: Content guide below.

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