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Alternative Press – MELANIE MARTINEZ talks self-expression and bullying

Melanie Martinez and APTV Correspondent Nick Major recently spoke about bullying and growing up in this APTV multi-part interview. When asked about her personal style, Melanie replies, “I feel like I know exactly what I want, so I kind of go for it.” To hear more from Melanie about her time on The Voice and how she deals with the trolls on social media, make sure you check out the video!

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Alternative Press – Halloween Costume Tutorial: Melanie Martinez, Ash Costello, Maria Brink

If you’ve ever wondered what it may be like to live the life of a rock goddess, this Halloween you can give it ago with one of these three costumes! We give you simple makeup and costume tips for becoming Melanie Martinez, Ash Costello from New Years Day and Maria Brink from In This Moment!

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The Aquarian Weekly – An Interview with Melanie Martinez: It’s Her Party

Some are simply born to be in the spotlight, and Melanie Martinez is one of the chosen ones. You may recognize this New York native from being on Adam Levine’s team on season three of the television show, The Voice, where she was recognized for her incredible talent at the early age of 16. Your recent single, “Gingerbread Man,” keeps the Cry Baby dollhouse-like vibe for the most part. Are you keeping the full ‘Cry Baby’ persona and theme in your future music? It actually wasn’t a single. It was…

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