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MSR Cast – 205: Masters Of Metal

Join the MSRcast crew sa they dive into a bunch of new 2018 releases including some stellar new music from Slugdge, Ocean Of Grief, Barren Earth, Tengger Cavalry, Visigoth and so much more! Keep it metal! The official MSRcast website is live! Visit us at, or, for all of your MSRcast needs, including archives of podcasts, interviews, reviews, and lots more. Remember to contact us at [email protected], and follow us over on twitter, @msrcast and @themetalpigeon. Come and join Cary and Sean over on Facebook, and while you…

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Focus On Metal – Pawn And Prophecy

Yep, you guessed it we have yet another returning guest this week. This time we welcome back bassist Mike LePond. Most of you may know Mike from Symphony X but he also heads up a little metal outfit called Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins. They just put out their second release “Pawn and Prophecy” and we’ll hear all about it. Also this week we’ll bring you a chat with Rob Evan. Rob has been a big part of TSO and now he’s bringing his voice to Broadway as a creator and…

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The Autopsy Report – Episode 606 – December 7th To The 13th, 2015

Set your alarm, go to bed early and be prepared to rise and shine to the sounds of METAL!!! Because the Autopsy Report is the show that’s worth waking up for. With a crypt full of upcoming and unsigned bands that will vapourise any cobwebs and eliminate the sand in your peepers. And if you’re not good at waking up on time, then don’t go to bed at all. Isn’t that what being “ROCK N’ ROLL” is all about? Yawn oh dear, time to get our jammies on, it’s almost…

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Neckbreaker – Episode 84 – Mike Lepond Of Symphony X

Brian hosts a one-on-one interview with Mike Lepond from Symphony X! They discuss Mike’s side project Silent Assassins, his thoughts on the recent Symphony X tour setlist, and much more. Later, John and Chris join the panel to drink a ton of beers, recap Survivor Series, and cover the latest headlines.

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Maximum Threshold – Episode 429 – Symphony X, Ill Niño and Ocean Grid

What a special episode for you tonight. #429 MTRS – (Andrew) Ocean Grid, Mike LePond (Silent Assassins/Symphony X), Laz Pina (Ill Nino). Thanks for tuning in this week to the Maximum Threshold Radio show. Go here to read more.

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The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show – Episode 593 – September 7th – 13th, 2015

Do you have delusions of grandeur? Feel like you’re a French general who should be an Emperor? Do you stick your hand up your vest? Guess what? You’re seriously fucked up. But that’s okay, because so is this week’s show. The show that’s seriously fucked up, with a fucked up playlist of mighty tunes from labels, promoters and unsigned bands. So tune in Napoleon, it’s going to be dynamite. To read more go here.

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Focus On Metal – Episode 248 – Mike Lepond

A bit of prog this week as we welcome bassist Mike Lepond to the show. Mike will of course be talking about the latest release from Symphony X, “Underworld”. He also gives us some insight into his solo venture Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins. Also this week a bit of discussion on some timely metals topics and of course a track of the week. Our track of the week this week “Mad As Hell” comes courtesy of Frontiers Records from Frank Dimino’s latest one “Old Habits Die Hard”. Nice to see…

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