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Talk Toomey – Ep. 156 Morgan Lander (Kittie)

Oh man, what an episode. The podcast has truly gone global on this one. Morgan Lander of Kittie calls in to the podcast. We talk about their new documentary “Origins/Evolutions”. Morgan and I discuss the history of Kittie and what were we all thinking with our fashion choices! Morgan also sets me straight on the Canadian delicacy, the back bacon sandwich. This was a fun trip down memory lane. First up on the episode is my chat with Matt Karpe, author of Nu Metal: Resurgence. Matt is also the host…

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Joel Gausten – Still Clawing: Kittie’s Morgan Lander on the Band’s New Documentary & Undying Resilience

Here is a sample of Joel’s interview with Morgan: Since 1996, Canadian singer/guitarist Morgan Lander and her drummer sister, Mercedes, have led Metal veterans Kittie through more than two decades of immeasurable highs and soul-crushing lows. Now, a years-in-the-making documentary film aims to tell the truth behind one of the most complex and emotionally charged narratives in music history. The result of a successful Indiegogo campaign launched in 2014, the just-released Origins/Evolutions traces the band’s history from their beginnings as eager high schoolers writing primitive tunes to their most recent…

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Lead Singer Syndrome – Episode 112 – Morgan Lander (KITTIE)

Morgan Lander, frontwoman/guitarist of Canada’s own groundbreaking all-female metal band KITTIE is the guest of the show this week! After getting signed when they were still teenagers in high school, Kittie’s debut album went on to sell over 600,000 copies and was certified gold. Morgan and Shane talk about the wild ride on the way to the top, working with legendary producer GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine), their family upbringing with a “non-musical” father for a manager, the sudden death of guitarist Trish Doan, and their new upcoming DVD…

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Songfacts – Morgan Lander Of Kittie

Greg Prato has interviewed Kittie lead singer and guitarist Morgan Lander. Here is an excerpt: Kittie were still teenagers when they got a record deal and released their debut album, Spit, in 1999 (they recorded it during after-school sessions). This wouldn’t be all that unusual, except they played metal, and they played it with a fervor that earned them a slot on Ozzfest and a gig touring with Slipknot. There was nothing like it, and there hasn’t been since. Kittie was never molded to fit a certain image or framed…

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