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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 119: Live at Rock N Pod Expo 2, Part 2

It’s our second and final episode of Roach Koach live from the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2. Lorin, Jenny, and Matt talk with comedian Courtney Cronin Dold about working with Jamey Jasta on the roast of Corey Taylor; the team meets Thom Hazaert, a man who has more nu-metal stories than you’ve had hot meals. Street teaming for Limp Bizkit, discovering Papa Roach, getting in fights with Fred Durst and Scooter of Cold, hearing White Pony for the first time high, so many topics are discussed, you need to…

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Tramps Like Us – ep64 Live from the Rock’n’Pod Expo 2018

We had a rock’n’roll party in Nashville last month at the 2018 Rock’n’Pod Expo. I recorded throughout the day with fans, podcasters, musicians and friends. Talkin about Springsteen and rock’n’roll and whatnot. For this episode I bring you music and conversations with Joseph Wren, Tuk Smith, Craig Smith, Courtney Cronin Dold, Sean Cullen, Gary Corbett, Brian Jacobs, BJ Kramp, Eric Miller, Ian Wadley, Randy Hall, Jay Szczeblewski and Joey Haynie. Enjoy our coverage of Rock’n’Pod Expo 2018, live from Nashville, Tennessee.

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C.G.C.M. Podcast – CGCM Ep#45-Rock n Pod Part 2

The rumbling of thunder can be heard from Nashville. Or is that just the Meister’s LPB? No it’s definitely THUNDER and it can be heard on this episode of the CGCM Podcast. Episode #45 is part 2 of the Canadian Geeks going wild in Nashville, Tennessee. The Canadian Inquisition rolls on as contestants attempt to dethrone the current leader, Mr. AAron Camaro! Lots of trash talk and laughs continue as Beavertails, Loonies and Gitch continue to baffle our American friends. Also included in this episode? Interviews with Gary Corbett (Kiss,…

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Cobras And Fire – Cobras & Fire At Rock N Pod Expo 2: The Podcaster Interviews

In the last of our onsite coverage Bakko is joined by fellow podcasters Sonny Pooni of Growin’ Up Rock, Joey Haynie of Rock Strikes Ten, Jon Lamoreaux of the Hustle Podcast and the always over the top Ian Wadley of the Rock And Metal Combat Podcast. We have a lot of fun in these discussions. One for the diehard friends of our shows.

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Ages Of Rock – Episode 135 – Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 – The Interviews (Part 2)

After another successful trip to participate in the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo, we have several interviews that we’re bringing to you in two separate episodes. In this episode we talk to Todzilla, Greg Renoff (interviewed by Jason Thomas Broderick), Alora, and Kenny Olsen.

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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 118: Live at Rock N Pod Expo 2, Part 1

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast the team travels to Nashville, TN to take part in the second annual Rock N Pod Expo at the Nashville Palace. Jenny, Lorin and Matt sit down with Earl Skakel of the Inappropriate Earl podcast to discuss his nu-metal connections, comedian Craig Gass stops by to tell us a story about Korn that will scar us forever, and Toby Wright, a producer we know and love, graces us with his presence to talk producing for Korn, Sevendust, and many more. Josh Toomey of…

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Cobras And Fire – EP 138: Rock N Pod Expo 2 Recap

Back from Nashville, Bakko describes the weekend that was Rock N Pod 2. The Pre-Party concert featuring Ron Keel, Tora Tora and Angel. The Expo. Moderating the Eerie Von panel, catching up with fellow podcasters and interviewing guests. Hanging out at the Decibel Geek studio and putting a bow on the weekend with the Rock N Pod post party comedy show with Courtney Cronin Dold, Earl Skakel and Craig Gass. Bakko shares his insight on the whole weekend through his eyes.

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C.G.C.M. Podcast – EP#44-Rock n Pod 2018 Part 1

On a hot August weekend, the Canadian Geeks head to the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo for a full weekend of alcoholic mayhem. The Meister, Wallygator and Buzzsaw Barley got into plenty of mischief. what you are about to experience is the first of three episodes capturing the sights, the sounds and the smells of their adventures. Hundreds of beers and a bottle of “Schmendlemans” Canadian Whiskey were harmed during the duration of this crazy weekend. Near arrests, random naps, a trip to Coyote Ugly, 3am Waffle House trips and…

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Decibel Geek Podcast – ROCKNPOD Recap – Ep331

We’re back and ready to give you the sordid details with our ROCKNPOD Recap! The stories you’re about to hear are all true. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty-as-hell. ROCKNPOD weekend was a beehive of activity. Things kicked off with Friday’s Preparty concert featuring Frank Dimino & Punky Meadows of Angel, Tora Tora, Greg Mangus All-Stars and Ron Keel. How did the show go? Were there any celebrity sightings? Did anyone throw up? We’re giving you all the details. Saturday was a start-to-finish marathon with the ROCKNPOD…

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Growin Up Rock Podcast – Rock N Pod 2 : The Future Of Rock – EP062

Nashville Rock N Pod 2 is over and the future, past, and present of rock is burning brightly. The Growin’ Up Rock Podcast was in attendance for this year’s Rock N Pod Expo and we have a virtual treasure trove of interviews with musicians, comedians, fellow podcasters and yes, music content, to share with you over the next few episodes. We will make it a point to get it out to you in the next 2 weeks. Hollywood and I will share our overall experience of the entire weekend. We…

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Rock And/Or Roll – RA/OR 242 – NASVILLE ROCK N POD EXPO 2018

BJ had a great time at the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo last weekend. Hear him interview Troy Lucketta of Tesla, Paul Taylor of Winger, Joe X. Dube and Brendan Harkin of Starz and Ben and Dakota Denman. And for an encore BJ takes the Canadian Inquisition.

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THE KISS ROOM and The PodKISSt are taking YOU to the NASHVILLE ROCK ‘N’ POD EXPO 2018! Join your hosts Matt Porter and Ken Mills on the longest, loudest, fun filled adventure celebrating all things podcasting and rock ‘n’ roll! Matt and Ken are joined by a star studded cast including Ron Jones, Tracey Jones, Brent Zius (Podcast Rock City), Buddy Baker, Shane Paisley, Robert Bentley, Josh Groves, Ralph Viera (RMCP), Earl Skakel, Joe Lascon, Robin Lascon, Alora Whitten (VeryAlora), Joe Gillies (Alive ’75), Jacob Cade, Ron Keel (KEEL), Paul…

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Podder Than Hell – Episode 60: Worst of the Best

While at the Rock N’ Pod Expo 2, the gang decides to punish themselves by listening to the worst albums of some of their favorite bands: Megadeth, Van Halen, Styx and Faster Pussycat. Can they get through the night with beer and a prayer? Will Dylan talk about the merits of Mr. Roboto? Does BB actually know what Van Halen’s worst album is? Tune in to find out! Follow Podder Than Hell Podcast: Facebook YouTube RSS

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 172 Craig Gass // Thom Hazaert

The Nashville Rock N Pod episodes roll on with Craig Gass and Thom Hazaert. First up I talk to Craig Gass. Craig and I talk about his love of Tesla and hanging out in the men’s room with their drummer. Craig talks about hanging with Rudy Sarzo in the 1987 and beyond. We also talk about our love of Canadians and sports. Then he finishes with a hilarious Tracy Morgan impression and story. Next up is Thom Hazaert. Thom is a friend of the show and great to see in…

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Ages Of Rock – Episode 134 – Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 – The Interviews (Part 1)

After another successful trip to participate in the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo, we have several interviews that we’re bringing to you in two separate episodes. In this episode we talk to Earl Skakel (Inappropriate Earl), Anthony Corder (Tora Tora), Under The Radar (a young talented band), and Paul Taylor (Winger).

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Muses And Stuff Podcast – Under the Radar at Nashville Rock N Pod

Here is our interview with the Memphis band Under the Radar who we chatted with the Nashville Rock n Pod Fest. This band is special. When we found out that a rock band made up of 3 members aged 14, 15 and 16 were attending, we jumped on the opportunity to interview them. They’ve opened for Kansas, 38 Special, Tora Tora, Bret Michaels and Better than Ezra. They show no signs of stopping, you can catch them opening for Loverboy very soon! This group started making music together at the…

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Pods & Sods Network – Live From The Nashville Rock n Pod Expo 8/25/18

This year Eric and Craig are joined in Nashville by Mister Brian Jacobs (father of Not Pete Ham Jacobs) for the second annual ROCK N POD EXPO! Enjoy a super jam packed four hour marathon with all of our friends: Henning Mielke Bakko (Cobras and Fire) Lee McCormack (Tramps Like Us) Randy W. Hall (That Dandy Classic Music Hour) Andy Schaal Craig Gass Matt Porter (The KISS Room) Brad Page (I’m In Love With That Song) Courtney Cronin Dold (Pop!) Gary Shaller (PODKISST) Jon Lamoreaux (The Hustle) Joey Haynie (Rock…

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KissFAQ Podcast – Ep.197 – Nashville Starz ‘n’ More

In this recap of the 2018 Nashville Rock ‘N’ Pod Expo, Julian is joined for discussions by Gary Shaller (PodKISSt), Allen Tate (Ages of Rock), Peter Cecere (I Love It Loud Cast), Brad Page (I’m In Love With That Song), Greg Renoff (Van Halen Rising), Andre LaBelle (Vinnie Vincent/The Sky), Steve and Greg (the Lipstick Panel), Joe X. Dube and Brendan Harkin (Starz), Steven Michael (Growin’ Up Rock), and BJ Kahuna (Rock and/or Roll). Please be aware, due to recording in a loud environment that manual volume adjustments may be…

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