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Radioactive Metal – Episode 478: In The Wasteland

Sometimes, relationship breakups aren’t such a bad thing. With musical acts, member changes happen all the time. Sometimes the results are disastrous and sometimes it works out for all parties. But in the case of axe master Dallas Toler-Wade everyone wins! When Mr. Toler-Wade parted with the mighty NILE, we got the awesome NARCOTIC WASTELAND out of the deal. He’s currently crossing the country on tour but we couldn’t wait for him to hit our town, so we got him on the horn. We discussed their second album, his metal heroes, the challenges…

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Metal Wani – NARCOTIC WASTELAND’s Dallas Toler-Wade on ‘Delirium Tremens’, Why He Quit NILE & Touring (2017)

Metal Wani’s Dallas Luckey had a great conversation with Dallas Toler-Wade of Narcotic Wasteland and ex-Nile. He talks about the beginnings of Narcotic Wasteland, whose roots harken back to his early days living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Had things gone any differently he might have ended up sticking with drums, and how within a family of musicians, a legend was born. Dallas goes on to talk about all the hard work that went into the creation of the new album Delirium Tremens, out Friday, Oct. 13th! Things have changed a…

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Metal Wani – NILE’s Karl Sanders on Debut India Gig, Upcoming ‘Evil’ Album, Lineup Change & Social Media (2017)

Metal Wani’s Editor In Chief Owais ‘Vitek’ Nabi had a chat with NILE mastermind Karl Sanders at Bangalore Open Air. He discusses the debut gig in India, departure of longtime member Dallas Toler Wade, reception to new guitarist Brian Kingsland, how they plan the setlist for the tour due to technical nature of the music and fan response to NILE’s most technical song till date. He talks about working with Erik Rutan for the upcoming NILE album, current status of the album with over 5 songs written with new guitarist…

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Heavy Pod Is Heavy Is Heavy Cast – 71 – The Podcasters Who Come To Steal The Attention Of The Listeners

Alright, so this week we talk about Nile. We do a balls deep segment on them. Also, we talk about some weekly stuff too. Alestorm‘s hilarious trolling with their 50 euro edition of their upcoming album, Disillusion‘s Patreon campaign, Suicide Silence complaining about their album not being well received, Pelagic Records (in general), and metal youtubers, namely Rob Scallon, Ten Second Songs, Paschalis Theotokis and RichaadEB. Oh, also there’s a new Mastodon song too.

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Ritual Madness Podcast – Episode #140, Hate Beast!

Episode #140, Hate Beast!! The boys from H.B came in to talk about their Cd Release and up coming shows, They brought in some tracks off their new Cd…..Enjoy!!

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Metalsucks Podcast – Karl Sanders of Nile on The MetalSucks Podcast #158

Karl Sanders of the mighty Nile is our guest on your favorite metal podcast this week. We caught up with him midway through the Summer Slaughter Tour for our interview and he had quite a bit to say about the tour package, playing with old friends Cannibal Corpse and Krisiun and the young bands on the bill like Carnifex and After the Burial. We also chat about the transition from touring to home life, his experience and what kind of person he becomes while at home, his routines and training…

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Metal Brainiac – Karl Sanders of Nile: Unearthing his truth

Karl Sanders, founding guitarist/songwriter/vocal growl of Nile, talks about his continued lyrical explorations of Ancient Egypt, his draw to violence and why he spends so much time crafting complex stories when most of the lyrics are impossible to understand beneath the churn of death metal.

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 393: Not Just a River

In Egyptian mythology, the beautiful Hathor is the goddess of joy, motherhood, love, but also of music. Not only has she bestowed metaldom with the legendary NILE, but she also granted us an interview with the band’s founder. Karl Sanders shares his thoughts about the band’s new album, click bait, how they write new music, album artwork, how the lengthy liner notes came to be, choosing a setlist, and more solo work to come. He also describes the music industry in what is probably the best analogy ever. In our Extended Indie Spotlight, we feature Orlando’s EMPOROS with a fun interview!…

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Relapse Records Podcast – Episode 39 – Matt Jacobson Founder And President Of Relapse

Relapse’s 25th year is coming to a close, and as such, we thought we’d take some time to reflect on the label’s history, bit by bit. This special double episode edition of the podcast features an interview with Relapse founder and president Matt Jacobson, who has picked a selection of his favorite songs as well as those that represented pivotal moments in Relapse history! This episode also features a brief preview of what’s to come for Relapse in 2016, and includes new music from OBSCURA, LYCUS, BLACK TUSK, and BLOODIEST!…

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Thunder Underground Podcast – Scattered Hamlet

In this episode we are joined by all 5 members of Scattered Hamlet. Adam Joad, Adam Newell, Jake Delling Le Bas, Richard Erwin, and Johnny T. Crash talk with us about touring, the status of the new album, the origins of the hype man, the beer kegs, WWE, outlaw country, not being afraid to admit what you love (Bel Biv Devoe and Roxette anyone?), our shared love of Type O Negative with Adam Newell, whiskey, some Ronnie Milsap action, fishing, Tom Keifer love, and a ton more. We kick off…

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