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Metalovision – Spanish – Amon Amarth y Arch Enemy – Leyendas del Rock 2017 – Jueves Epic Vlog

Jueves en Leyendas del Rock con Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian, Arch Enemy, Epica, Obus, Rage, Triptykon, Alestorm, Insomnium, Angelus Apatrida, Omnium Gatherum, Steve’n’Seagulls.

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Pure Grain Audio – Omnium Gatherum Interview about Saunas & Signing a German Dude’s Hairy Ass – MOST EXTREME #56

While onboard this year’s 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise, we caught up with the guys in Finnish melodic death metal band Omnium Gatherum for an interview. We discussed some of the MOST EXTREME things that have happened to guitarists Joonas Koto and Markus Vanhala in their musical careers, including signing a German dude’s hairy butt and waking up under a slide in an airport. Tune in for a good laugh.

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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 232: Anthrax, Omnium Gatherum, Omnihility 2016 Album Reviews

Well, this time we recorded the show before hitting the slopes, but we didn’t get to edit and such until after.  So, late again (get used to it), here were are with brand new releases that we are actually interested in hearing what you think about.  I mean, yeah, the whole point of this is we share our thoughts and you use that knowledge at your discretion.  However, we feel like we are missing a little something at some points here, so we want to know what you think!  Use that…

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That Drummer Guy – Markus Vanhala Of Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium

This is my interview with Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium guitarist, Markus Vanhala. THis was taken place Tuesday, February 23rdm 2016 in promotion of Omnium Gatherum’s brand new album, Grey Heavens coming out Friday February 26th, 2016 through Century Media Records. In the interview we discuss the making of Grey HEavens, creating new setlists, playing older material over newer material, upcoming touring (including coming back to North America later this year) and so much more!

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El Vuelo Del Fénix – Spanish – El Vuelo del Fénix – Entrevista Lendakaris Muertos – 11/02/16

Hoy escuchamos: Rosendo- Flojos de pantalón, Rick Springfield- Light this party up, Resurrection Kings- Who do you run to, Luca Turilli´s Rhapsody- Il cigno nero, Kaótiko- Código rock. Entrevista Lendakaris Muertos: Lendakaris Muertos- Modo dios, Lendakaris Muertos- Y sin embargo, te quiero, Lendakaris Muertos- Troncos, aceros, maderos. Grupo novel: Among The Prey- Pieces, Omnium Gatherum- Skyline. http://mvod.lvlt.rtve.es/resources/TE_SELVUEL/mp3/3/4/1455234321343.mp3

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El Vuelo Del Fénix – Spanish – El vuelo del Fénix – La vuelta de Lendakaris Muertos – 02/02/16

Hoy escuchamos: Lendakaris Muertos- Modo dios, Gatillazo- Esclavos del siglo XXI, Desakato- La tormenta, Dream Theater- A new beginning, Lords of Black- Everythihg you´re not, Avantasia- Babylon vampyres, Primal Fear- Bullets and tears, Omnia Transit- Amanece oscuridad, Pedro Botero- Todo me da lo mismo, Omnium Gatherum- Frontiers, Grupo novel: All Tomorrows- Eidien, Machine Head- Now we die. http://mvod.lvlt.rtve.es/resources/TE_SELVUEL/mp3/9/1/1454454734619.mp3

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