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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 55 – Steve Smyth (One Machine, ex-Forbidden, ex-Nevermore, ex-Testament, ex-Vicious Rumors)

Doc talks with prolific guitar player, Steve Smyth, about what makes the bay area such a gold mine for talented metal musicians, how he got his professional start with Vicious Rumors, getting his big break as a touring guitarist with Testament for 5 years, playing with Eric Peterson’s black metal side-project, Dragonlord, the ups and downs of joining Nevermore and to contributing to the classic This Godless Endeavor album, working with Forbidden on Omega Wave, and launching his own band, One Machine. This episode features the song “The Body Snatchers”…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Podcast Episode 136 – Airbourne And One Machine

This episode of the podcast features an interview with Airbourne drummer Ryan O’keeffe, and from the archives an interview with Steve Smyth of One Machine. Ryan touches upon everything from the rumors of his brother fronting AC/DC, what it was like to record Breakin’ Outta Hell and be able to work with their dream team of Bob Marlette, and have Mike Frazier to mix the album. What it’s like to have famous musicians wear their merch, and glance over during a festival gig to have what many would consider rock…

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The Moshville Times – #ROADTOBOA Interview: One Machine

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Mosh. Simple things first – where are you guys from? The band is based in London, though all of our members are spread across the whole of the south of England, from Bristol all the way to Ashford, Kent. How did you meet? When I arrived in England back in 2007, I contacted Jamie Hunt, a guitar player I knew I could get along with and write some great metal with as well. He was first, and the rest have come…

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The Autopsy Report Dead Tapes Metal Radio Show – Episode 596 – September 28th – October 4th 2015

Yarr, See ‘ear ye scurvy seadogs. Check out this week’s show as Hellwyck be bringin’ ye some o’ the best new and classic rock and metal from the far corners of the seven seas (of the seven seas?) and ye best be enjoyin’ them or ye’ll be walkin’ the plank!! Go here to read more.

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 122 – Classic Albums – Anthrax – Sound Of White Noise

Episode 122 of Mars Attacks Podcast brings you another entry in the Classic Albums series, the episode focuses on Anthrax’s Sound Of White Noise. Not only will you be able to hear several current and former members of the band discuss the album, but you’ll be able to read a Q&A interview with former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook on During the podcast you’ll hear current members of the band Charlie Benante and Frank Bello discuss the album. You’ll also hear former lead singer, and vocalist on the album John…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Classic Albums Column – Blizzard Of Ozz

Episode 120 of Mars Attacks Podcast marks the return of the Classic Albums series. During this episode you will find musicians, producers, journalists, and show hosts commenting on Ozzy Osbourne’s solo debut, the Blizzard Of Ozz. The podcast contains comments from former members of Ozzy’s band, Brian Tichy and Carmine Appice. Monte Pittman who studied at Musonia School Of Music run by Randy Rhoads’ family. Carl Canedy, whose band The Rods, opened for Ozzy on some of those early tours. Other notable musicians that lend their comments to the episode…

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