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Disciples Of The Watch – 114 Underrated: Overkill 1995-1999

In this episode, we’re going to discuss Overkill’s releases from 1995 through 1999 featuring guitarists Joe Comeau and Sebastian Moreno, continuing our Underrated: Overkill special series, and try our best to convince you that this era of their career is underrated and deserves your attention.  

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The Classic Metal Show – Interview with Overkill Vocalist Bobby Blitz Ellsworth 2018

Interview with Overkill vocalist Bobby Blitz Ellsworth. Blitz called in to talk about the new LIVE AT OVERHAUSEN DVD, as well as the history of the band. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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Decibel Geek Podcast – Rock News, Opinion, and a HUGE Announcement – New Noize V2 ep320

We are back this week to give you our take on current rock news with New Noize V2. There are some interesting stories coming from the world of rock and we’re going to cover some of our favorites. Gibson Broke? Gibson Guitar filed for bankruptcy recently. There are a lot of armchair critics. We’re no exception. Listen this week to hear our thoughts on the decision making process of a legendary luthier. Perry, Tyler, and…Spongebob?? Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are nominated for a Tony Award. That’s not the weird…

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The Metal Voice – Overkill Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth Interview-Talks New Live & Studio Album

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke to Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth frontman of East Coast Thrashers Overkill. He spoke about their new Live at Overhausen DVD Blu Ray 2 CD set, which will be released May 18 2018 on Nuclear Blast. Blitz also gave well as an update and timeline on the new Overkill Studio album.

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Maximum Threshold – 518 MTRS – 2017 Show in Review Part I

Played some of the killer tunes that came out this year. Will definitely have to do a part II. Follow Maximum Threshold: Facebook Twitter YouTube iTunes

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Decibel Geek Podcast – What Rocked in 2017? We Answer! – Best of 2017 ep307

If you think Rock is dead, then we have three hours of audio that prove you wrong. The Best of 2017 features twenty songs from the best Rock and Metal albums released over the past year.  We’ve selected our top 10 albums and are going to spin tracks from each in a 3-hour marathon episode. Additionally, you’ll get discussion on some the events that made 2017 a banner year for Decibel Geek. Several veteran acts released strong material in 2017. Alice Cooper proved he still has the macabre touch with the release of Paranormal; an album…

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That Drummer Guy – Bobby Blitz of Overkill

This is my interview with Bobby Blitz of Overkill. This was taken place on Monday, August 28th, 2017. In this interview we talk about the upcoming Metal Alliance tour Starting September 8th with Crowbar, Havok, Black Fast, and Invidia. We also discuss the band’s latest album, the Grinding Wheel, available NOW through Nuclear Blast, striving to be the best band you can be, staying the student, never the teacher, lots of laughs and so much more!

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Pure Rock Radio – THE TRAFFIC JAM: Hard Strings & Heavy Chords (06/05/2017)

Today on the Monday edition of THE TRAFFIC JAM with DjNitewind, it’s “Hard Strings & Heavy Chords” with music from Albatross Overdrive, Texas Hippie Coalition, Eternal Champion, The New Black, Grave Digger, Bonfire, Heaven & Hell, Overkill, Mean Streak, Doom Machine, Metallica, Helloween, Metal Church, Pantera, Accept, Black Label Society, Chastain, Grim Reaper, Volbeat, Manowar, Judas Priest and many more!!! This episode of THE TRAFFIC JAM with Nitewind originally aired LIVE on PURE ROCK RADIO June 5th, 2017.

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Rock & Metal Combat Video Podcast – Porn Talk Part Two: Electric Boogallo PLUS MORE. YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE!

Porn Talk Part Two Plus there is a Testament, Sepultura. Prong show review. We also talk about Record Store Day, paying for VIP, kids react to AC/DC, Little Punk People with Phil Anselmo and Bobby Blitz from Overkill. And WEEBOO NATION!

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Focus On Metal – EP 328 – Overkill

Overkill recently released their latest “The Grinding Wheel” on Nuclear Blast. The band just finished the US run of their Killfest tour and are getting ready to make their way to Europe in June. Richie caught up with the band at their second to last US date in Worcester Mass and had a chat with Bobby Blitz. Find all things Overkill over at their official site: And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

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