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Talk Is Jericho – Strength Beyond Strength: The Life & Times of Vinnie Paul

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler join Y2J to pay tribute to their fallen brother, the late, great Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera, Damageplan, and Hell Yeah! They share favorite stories and memories about one of the nicest, most hospitable guys in music. They speak to his prowess as a drummer, his incredible relationship with his brother, Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott, his drive to honor his brother’s life and legacy… and of course tell tales about Vin’s crazy old-school limousine, his big breakfasts, and the cabana…

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Metal Injection – Livecast #471 – NoavemberRain.bmp

We kick things off with Richard Patrick’s genius idea about reuniting Pantera, and take many calls offering many different perspectives. We discuss Phil Anselmo’s vocal prowess. Noa reveals just how much she was into Guns N Roses when she was young. We learn about the latest from ICP about furries. We discuss TERFs, Russian hockey players singing Khia, being sex positive and Terry Glaze.

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The Void AU – No One Hits Harder Than Vinnie Paul: A Tribute Interview Special

Legendary drummer Vinnie Paul alongside his brother Dimebag Darrell Abbott changed heavy metal forever with Pantera. In this special feature which includes interviews with Vinnie Paul, Chad Gray, Pantera tour manager Guy Sykes, backstage footage from Soundwave Festival and moments with Sebastian Bach and Scott Ian and Charlie Benante from Anthrax, host and producer Christina Rowatt explores Vinnie’s story, from his first gig (Boston) to his last chapter with his band Hellyeah. No one hits harder, and rock and roll heaven just got louder. All interviews conducted, edited, produced by…

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 159 Mikey Doling (Snot)

Mikey Doling of Snot and Channel Zero is the guest this week. Mikey calls in to talk all things Snot, his time in Soulfly and Channel Zero. Mikey tells great Lynn Strait stories and how the band formed. Mikey also discusses how he quickly joined Soulfly and played Australian Festivals without any rehearsals. We have to talk Pantera and the late great Vinnie Paul. He also catches us up on his management company and the band Channel Zero. I talk a little more about Vinnie Paul in the intro to…

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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – ET – Vinnie Paul Memorial Special

On this special memorial episode for legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, who died on June 22, 2018 in his sleep, Eddie is joined by Bret Michaels, Morgan Rose, Michael Anthony, Mike Portnoy, Chris Jericho, and Charlie Benante who reflect on Vinnie Paul’s life, share some of their favorite memories, and keep his legacy alive. R.I.P. Vinnie Paul.

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Cobras And Fire – EP 131: Vinnie Paul Tribute – Pantera, HELLYEAH, DamagePlan Overview

Vinnie Paul. 1964-2018. We pay tribute and celebrate the legacy of drummer Vinnie Paul. Loose Cannon and Bakko look back at Vinnie Paul’s career and influence in a respectful but lighthearted manner (as always) by discussing his role in Pantera, Damageplan and HELLYEAH while playing songs from all three bands. RIP.

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Joel Gausten – VINNIE PAUL: 1964-2018

Here is an article by Joel about the recently deceased Vinnie Paul. In 1989, I became aware of a college radio station in Hackettstown, NJ called WNTI that had a Metal show on Thursdays nights. I often stayed up late and listened to every note that came through the speakers. It was a great experience for a 12-year-old kid, as it provided me a chance to hear a ton of bands that were new to me at the time. Testament, Exodus, Armored Saint, Laaz Rockit, Sepultura and New Jersey’s own…

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Talk Toomey – Vinnie Paul Remembered

I just learned of the passing of Vinnie Paul. I am, as you all know, a massive Pantera fan and this is all I could think to do. I tell a couple of stories about meeting Vinnie throughout the years and seeing him live. Vinnie was a monster behind the kit and a true rock star out from behind it. Please email stories about meeting Vinnie or seeing Pantera or Hellyeah live into the show and I can do a part 2 of this episode.

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The Void AU – Pantera Tour Manager Guy Sykes On Dimebag Darrell Stories & Meet The Road Crew

Meet legendary Pantera tour manager Guy Sykes and hear his Dimebag Darrell stories, touring security, tour manager and overall road dog icon Ian Norrington, and Jacob Raggio, the amazing production manager for 2015’s mammoth Big Ass Tour starring A Day To Remember and The Amity Affliction. All of these excellent members of the global road crew are absolutely essential to keeping the wheels of rock and roll running smoothly and work with some of the world’s biggest artists and festivals worldwide. They also have the best stories, but they’ll never…

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EytschPi42 – Walk And Talk With Rex Brown – Totally Failed!

We had the best intentions, but this video totally failed…. both Rex and I are pretty chaotic and then the mic failed over and over (batteries are generally a great idea)… the the guitar he was playing would get in tune…. NOTHING worked…. but I still uploaded it… crazy, right? Jared Dines is kinda in this one as well!

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