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Maximum Threshold – #530 MTRS – Interview with Scorpions Rudolf Schenker, and Dan Spitz (Red Lamb / ex Anthrax)

Breaking out a couple classic interviews from our metal vault. Interview with Scorpions Rudolf Schenker, and Dan Spitz (Red Lamb / ex Anthrax). ENJOY!!! Follow Maximum Threshold: Facebook Twitter YouTube iTunes

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – SCORPIONS, Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) and Epica

On This episode, Mitch sits down with guitar hero, RUDOLF SCHENKER from the Scorpions to discuss the band’s current North American tour with MEGADETH, the addition of former Motörhead drummer MIKKEY DEE, the 40th anniversary of the Taken By Force album, upcoming deluxe editions of In Trance and other back catalogue titles and more. In an encore presentation drummer Steven Adler talks about GUNS N’ ROSES and playing with the band in 2016. And wrapping up the episode: EPICA’s Simone Simons talks about their ‘The Ultimate Principle Tour’ with LACUNA…

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Talk Is Jericho – Scorpions on Talk Is Jericho – EP248

Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions is on TIJ, and covering all sorts of ground – from his first-ever pair of black leather pants to managing the Scorps in their early days to choosing NOT to ever be a lead guitarist! He’s also talking about playing the Kremlin & meeting Mikhail Gorbachev, blowing Van Halen off the stage at the US Festival, and being one of the few rock & roll bands to make it to their 50th Anniversary!

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Banger TV – This Band Changed My Life – Episode 7

Metal musicians share the artists, albums and concerts that made them who they are today. Episode Seven features Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions) on Elvis and Little Richard, Lemmy of Motorhead on Buddy Holly, Max Cavalera of Soulfly of ex-Sepultura on Queen and Michael Amott of Arch Enemy on the Sex Pistols.

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Guitar International – Rudolf Schenker Of Scorpions

Robert Cavuoto of Guitar International has interviewed Rudolf Schenker of Scorpions. Here is an excerpt: Fifty years since they formed, the Scorpions are still going strong. Lounging in retirement isn’t really in the cards. And, for the record, their 2010 Farwell Tour announcement was a bit premature due to the resurgence of interest from a younger audience and the success of their 2010 CD, Sting in the Tail. The band is fully fueled up and reenergized! To squelch any potential doubts, the band released one of their biggest selling CDs…

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The Boston Globe – Rudolf Schenker Of Scorpions

Steve Smith of The Boston Globe has interviewed Scorpions founder and guitarist Rudolf Schenker. Here is an excerpt: A funny thing happened on the way to the finish line for the Scorpions, a German heavy-metal institution on a farewell tour that was set to conclude at the end of 2012. Poring through the archives in search of fodder for a “bonus-tracks” collection of material left over from albums made during the group’s ’80s heyday — “Blackout,” “Love at First Sting,” “Savage Amusement,” and “Crazy World” — guitarist Rudolf Schenker uncovered…

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