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Metal Injection – Squared Circle Pit – #38 – WrestleMania 34 Preview with Neurosis’ Scott Kelly & The Atlas Moth’s Stavros Giannopoulos

Neurosis’ Scott Kelly & The Atlas Moth’s Stavros Giannopoulos return to the Squared Circle Pit to preview the biggest event of the year – this weekend’s WrestleMania, which features Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan – a completely stacked card. We go through all the matches and get predictions from both Stavros and Scott and some hot takes on what some of the endings to the matches will be. A very conversation about this weekend’s event.

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Revolver – Screaming Arrows: Mastodon’s Deep Ties to Neurosis’ Scott Kelly

Mastodon and Scott Kelly go way back. Sure, any fan of the Atlanta prog/sludge quartet knows that the Neurosis singer-guitarist has guested on six of their songs across their last six albums — songs that Mastodon will play with Kelly each night of their current European tour. But the artists’ ties runs even deeper: When Mastodon first came up with their band name, they turned to Kelly for the seal of approval, and he and drummer Brann Dailor bonded intensely during the making of Crack the Skye, having both suffered…

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Metal Injection – Squared Circle Pit #10 – NEUROSIS’ Scott Kelly Talks His Love of Indie Wrestling (EVOLVE, Lucha Underground) & More

Scott Kelly loves pro wrestling! This week’s guest is one of the most knowledgeable guests we’ve had on the show so far – I’m talking about Scott Kelly of Neurosis. We dig deep into how Scott got into wrestling, his favorite wrestler at the moment, Pentagon Jr., having members of the EVOLVE roster use his music, and his thoughts on EVOLVE matchmaker Gabe Sapolsky. We also discuss old-school WWE, New Japan and a lot more.

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