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Speak And Destroy – Gary Holt

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt on Kirk Hammett teaching him his first chords; Kirk leaving Exodus for Metallica; the early days of the Bay Area thrash scene; “Creeping Death” and the old Exodus song “Die By His Hand”; the magic right hand of James Hetfield; the Big 4; Paul Baloff; honoring the Jeff Hanneman in Slayer; the next Exodus album; and more.

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Disciples Of The Watch – DOTW 98: Underrated: Slayer – Paul Bostoph’s Early Years.

In this episode we’re going to present our case that the often-dismissed Slayer albums featuring Paul Bostoph (with Jeff Hanneman, and excluding ‘Undisputed Attitude’) are well worth your time to either become acquainted with or to become reacquainted with, in our new feature segment ‘Underrated.’ We’re talking Divine Intervention, Diabolus in Musica & God Hates Us All. Join us as we discuss those albums and play some standout tracks.

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Cobras And Fire – EP 116: Covers of Fire, KISS Bodyguards, Dokken’s Corpse & LC’s Karma

In this Episode Bakko and Loose hypothesize that the new Dokken DVD proves Don Dokken is a corpse. They speculate on the topics that will be covered in Big John Hartes forthcoming book. Loose shares his battles with German automobiles and Bakko has a long awaited update on Men Without Hats. All while Bakko spins a collection of his favorite cover songs. Music from KISS, Bulletboys, Foo Fighters, Slayer, Metallica and more.

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Cobras And Fire – EP 113: Slayer’s Retirement Hobbies, Work Poop Etiquette, Keifer & COC concert recaps

In this episode we talk about the banality of Adele, Tom Kiefer blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, Slayer giving up touring for pintrest and we tackle the uncomfortable topic of pooping in the workplace. Buy more music.

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 491: Headbang to Hell

In 2017, Radioactive Metal was fortunate enough to interview a Who’s Who in the extreme Metal Underground. The backbone that put a handful of these artists on the map (MIDNIGHT, NUNSLAUGHTER) is the mighty Hells Headbangers record label. We’ve been supporting the HH label for years now. They put out some awesome tunes but the why’s and wherefores behind HH are just as fascinating. Hells Headbangers is a total DIY, family run business headed up by the Horval Brothers: Eric, Chase, and this episode’s interview, Justin. We get into the…

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The Metal Podcast – Episode #51

This week we discuss the impending end of Slayer, and the subsequent call for the reunion tour. Let it be known that bets are already being taken on how long this transition will take for them to reunite and tour again. We discuss what it means for the band, metal, and so on as one of the anchors of the genre decides to call it quits. You get a little taste of our interview with Mike Portnoy coming out next week, his new project Sons of Apollo has their debut…

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Metal Injection – Livecast #446: Turd Judgment

We kick things off discussing the real reason people use Snapchat. Rob and Noa talk about their experience at a South Brooklyn wrestling show. We discuss the recent Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and Testament tour announcement, Dave Mustaine’s revelation about destroying Metallica, Moby’s friends in the CIA, and the next generation Big Four. We talk more about the Shrimp Eating Contest in Anaheim and the rules of the contest. We read some hatemail and end the show talking about the new allegations against Aziz Ansari.

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The Metal Podcast – Episode #49

We talk about the upcoming tour this Summer that looks to have Slayer, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Testament and Anthrax making the rounds in pretty decent size venues, no full tour dates yet, but we can only speculate about what this means, whether the package is the right choice, would we buy tickets? We discuss King 810 being the new champion for free speech that metal really needs right now, or are they? Has Youtube effectively created a controversial band by taking down their content? (and ultimately reposting it) Metal…

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drumtalk – Dave Lombardo – [episode 31]

I finally met the drum legend Dave Lombardo at Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen when he was touring with Suicidal Tendencies through Germany in early 2017. While having done a ton of different things with drums throughout the years it’s Fantomas that holds a special place in his heart. See how this humble and down to earth artist became fearless to do anything he wants without any limitations.

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Talk Is Jericho – Kerry King Returns

Kerry King from Slayer returns to TIJ with a list of recommended comedies for you to watch! He’s also talking about playing musical festivals in Europe (including the Download Fest where this convo was recorded), how he warms up before each gig, and his favorite Slayer songs to play live. Plus, hear about the chains and kneepad he wears onstage, what’s up with the new Slayer album, and why Kerry doesn’t believe there will ever be another Big 4 gig with Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth!

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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 71: Diabolus In Musica by Slayer

This week the Roach Koach podcast takes some time for metal legends Slayer and their attempt at Nu-Metal with 1998’s Diabolus In Music. Topics discussed: Who’s Tweeting, respectful disagreements, Jenny isn’t scared of Ill Nino, what does Ill Nino mean?; Getting the party started, old guys at the party, “Maybe I’m a poser”, Fancy Matt, Slayer memories, Rick Rubin, The Devil’s Interval, Drop A, a song about periods?; this album is a Hollister shirt, Blendy Boy, pit activation, needing a nap, the Millennium font, ghoul priest, textbook stoker, slinky Slayer,…

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