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Cobras And Fire – Ep 127: Ripe Rock 2018

What’s that delicious smell? That’s Ripe Rock right out of the oven. This ep is overflowing with tasty new music selected by us and our listeners.. and a few tracks as fresh as LC’s movie references. Featuring music from: Ghost, Red City Radio, Animal Drive, Local H, Standstills, Blue Stones, Diablo Blvd, Sons of Apollo, Machine Head, Collective Soul Asylum, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Turbonegro. This was recorded on Memorial Day. America F Yeah!

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – Alice Cooper’s Ryan Roxie, Godsmack’s Sully Erna and Sons Of Apollo’s Mike Portnoy

Listen to Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie, Godsmack lead singer Sully Erna and Sons Of Apollo drummer Mike Portnoy on this edition of WESTWOOD ONE’s Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie discusses his new album Imagine Your Reality, bringing back guitar driven music, guest vocalist Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, the current Alice Cooper group band, the reunion shows with the original band, his lessons on, Cheap Trick and more. Godsmack’s Sully Erna discusses the band’s latest release When Legends Rise, we talk rock ballads,…

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Loudwire – Mike Portnoy: Double Bass Drum Songs That Inspired Me – Gear Factor

Mike Portnoy talks to Gear Factor host Squiggy about his early drum influences — Keith Moon, John Bonham and Ringo Starr. He also reveals what song made him become a drummer, the first song he played and the three double bass drum songs that inspired him (before thrash).

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Speak And Destroy – Mike Portnoy

Dream Theater fans received a massive surprise one night in Barcelona when the band tore through the Master of Puppets album from start to finish. Lars Ulrich would later tell Mike Portnoy it helped inspire Metallica to do the same thing. The legendary rock drummer (who played in Dream Theater for 25 years and has recorded and/or performed with Avenged Sevenfold, Twisted Sister, and his own prog-rock supergroup, Sons of Apollo) talks about discovering Kill ‘Em All, seeing Metallica in 1985, getting to know Lars, and so much more.…

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The Vinyl Guide – Ep116: Mike Portnoy Of Sons Of Apollo, Dream Theater & More

Drummer Mike Portnoy is one of the masters of his craft. Today he shares with us his history with music, the records that inspired him, the making of his career, his discipline and the new LP of the supergroup Sons of Apollo.

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Growin Up Rock Podcast – Sons Of Apollo Interview w/ Jeff Scott Soto – EP033

Super group Sons Of Apollo vocalist Jeff Scott Soto has embraced his artistry and explored many genres of  music that make him happy. Being able to be creative in so many different genres of music has not only made Jeff a go to singer by many artist and producers, but it shows just how well rounded a musician Jeff Scott Soto has become. He  might of gone on to be the permanent replacement singer for Steve Perry in Journey or perhaps even the new singer in Queen replacing the legendary…

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Pods & Sods Network – EM71 – Jeff Scott Soto

Jeff Scott Soto of Sons of Apollo joins Eric in conversation to discuss his early days discovering his voice, how he got the gig singing on the first two Yngwie J. Malmsteen records and what he learned from that experience, finding his own voice after early days in cover bands, performing with such greats as Journey, Queen and Jimi Jamison, his various solo careers efforts – Soto, his solo albums, working on Song For Joey in tribute of his brother, the new W.E.T. record, connecting with the Mike Portnoy, Bumblefoot,…

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The Metal Podcast – Episode #52 – Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy guests this week to talk about his new project Sons of Apollo featuring bassist Billy Sheehan, keyboardist Derek Sherinian, vocalist Jeff Scott Soto, and guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. We talk about the idea stemming from talking about old Dream Theater, we discuss how the recording process took place, and how you should be making music, his need to be a band leader not a follower, how he works with differing personalities in so many groups, what kind of person he is off stage, why his wife hates the…

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The Metal Podcast – Episode #51

This week we discuss the impending end of Slayer, and the subsequent call for the reunion tour. Let it be known that bets are already being taken on how long this transition will take for them to reunite and tour again. We discuss what it means for the band, metal, and so on as one of the anchors of the genre decides to call it quits. You get a little taste of our interview with Mike Portnoy coming out next week, his new project Sons of Apollo has their debut…

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Decibel Geek Podcast – What Rocked in 2017? We Answer! – Best of 2017 ep307

If you think Rock is dead, then we have three hours of audio that prove you wrong. The Best of 2017 features twenty songs from the best Rock and Metal albums released over the past year.  We’ve selected our top 10 albums and are going to spin tracks from each in a 3-hour marathon episode. Additionally, you’ll get discussion on some the events that made 2017 a banner year for Decibel Geek. Several veteran acts released strong material in 2017. Alice Cooper proved he still has the macabre touch with the release of Paranormal; an album…

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Focus On Metal – EP 361 – Sons of Apollo

We’re ending 2017 with a double header. First up we bring you Jeff Scott Soto discussing “Psychotic Symphony” the debut release from Sons of Apollo a killer new band featuring former Focus on Metal guests Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy, and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal as well as Dream Theater alum Derek Sherinian and of course Jeff on vocals. Also up this week we have a talk with guitarist Stuart Smith about his band Heaven & Earth’s fourth release “Hard to Kill” And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

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MSRcast – 200: Metal United

Join your hosts for a metal filled 200th episode of the Mainstream Resistance podcast! Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon discuss the history of the show, and play some killer new Metal ranging in styles! Always remember, boys and girls, to keep it Metal! Playlist: Helloween – Pumpkins United Primal Fear – If Looks Could Kill – Best Of Fear L.A. Guns – A Drop Of Bleach – The Missing Piece Wulfskol – Deliver Us – Hellshock Cyhra – Heartrage – Letters to Myself Heirs of Isildur…

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Riffing With Christina – 035 – Drummer Mike Portnoy

Iconic drummer Mike Portnoy chats to host Christina Rowatt about musical immortality, his new rock and roll project Sons of Apollo with former Dream Theatre bandmate Derek Sherinian, why drummers like Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, KISS’ Peter Criss and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr get so much heat, and much more.

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The Void AU – Drummer Mike Portnoy Interview 2017: Sons of Apollo, Band Leadership with Lars & More

Iconic drummer Mike Portnoy chats to host Christina Rowatt about musical immortality, his new rock and roll project Sons of Apollo with former Dream Theatre bandmate Derek Sherinian, why drummers like Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, KISS’ Peter Kriss and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr get so much heat, and much more. Produced, edited and hosted by Christina Rowatt.

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