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Pedals And Effects – The World’s Strangest Weirdest Guitar with Spencer Seim

If you’re playing in a band that’s as innovative and out there as Hella, you’re going to need a guitar that’s equally as crazy! Picking up where we left off last week with Spencer, we take a look at what might be the world’s weirdest, strangest, guitar. Plenty of knobs, switches and even a built in egg shaker? Spencer takes us through his history with the instrument and more.

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Pedals And Effects – Welcomes: Spencer Seim of Hella

A long time ago, in what seems like another lifetime, I was fortunate to have met and toured a few weeks with Spencer Seim who was the guitarist and co-founder of the legendary Sacramento band, Hella. Spencer and the ripping Zach Hill on drums were one of the fiercest guitar/drum duos ever created. The duo had just turned their band from a two piece into a four piece and were opening a tour I was a part of, that was headlined by System Of A Down and Mars Volta.

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