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Metalsucks Podcast – #251 – Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour)

Roy Mayorga is our guest this week! Join us as we discuss the special edition of Stone Sour’s Hyrdograd (out August 31), their new single “Burn One Turn One” not making the cut on the original release, the challenge of covering Rage Against the Machine’s “Bombtrack,” winning Loudwire’s Best Hard Rock Album of 2017, getting to spend six weeks playing support for Ozzy on his final tour, the first record he recorded with Nausea, how he keeps the legacy of a band like Nausea alive today, guitarist Josh Rand coming back to…

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Pure Grain Audio – Stone Sour Interview with Roy Mayorga on Songwriting, Cover Songs & Juggling Bands

Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga chatted with us about the band’s writing process and what it’s like juggling multiple high profile bands. Besides Stone Sour, Mayorga has been a part of big name acts including Ministry, Ozzy, and Soulfly, among others.. Check out our interview for more details…

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 54 – Live Show w/ Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour, ex-Soulfly, ex-Crisis, ex-Nausea)

Doc does his first ever live Ex Man show with Stone Sour drummer, Roy Mayorga, about coming up in New York City with punk band Nausea, jumping around as a hired gun with bands like Shelter and Crisis, how doing remixes for Sepultura opened the door to joining Soulfly, the inspiration behind the style of the first Soulfly album, his philosophy on rhythm and being a drummer, leaving Soulfly, moving to LA and playing with bands like Medication and Abloom, his time filling in for Sepultura, how he got into…

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Noche De Rock – Spanish – 1130 – Stone Sour – Los Tupper – Crescent

Esta semana nos replegamos al Home Edition porque casi todo el contenido es telefónico y nos resulta más cómodo hacerlo desde aquí. En la primera parte tenemos entrevista con Raul de Los Tupper presentando su nuevo disco Hotel Debris. En la segunda parte nuestros reporteros Nuria y Alberto se plantan en EL CAIRO para entrevistar a Crescent. Nuestro Disco de la semana corre a cargo de Stone Sour y el clásico es para Smashing Pumkins.

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 104: Blue Ball Albums 2017 + Tom Keifer Sweating & Roomates w/ Vince Neil, Doyle at Starbucks

Bakko & LC continue their recap of 2017 with Blue Ball Albums that have some great tracks but didn’t finish them off. Topics include Tom Keifer live, sweating & rooming with Vince Neil, Doyle from the Misfits @Starbucks, Benedict Cumberbatch’s face and so much more. Music: Black Spiders, Goodbye June, Audrey Horne, Foo Fighters, Shamans Harvest, Cinderella, Alice Cooper, Stone Sour, Dropkick Murphys, Jason Isbell, Dead Daisies

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The You Rock Foundation – Red Carpet Interviews: Rock To Recovery, Henry Fonda Theater, 9.16.2017

The second annual Rock To Recovery event took place at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, Ca, on Saturday, September, 16th, 2017. The event was held to honor Wayne Kramer and Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) with a tribute to Chester Bennington (Linkin Park). The You Rock Foundation had the privilege of joining Wesley Geer and other rock musicians in support of using music as a healing tool in rehab recovery treatment. Corey Taylor gave the foundation a nod of admiration and stated, “Being sober can be very empowering, it’s…

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