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Discography Discussion Podcast – Episode 077: The Agony Scene – Discography Discussion

The Doomhammer invades this episode of Discography Discussion as we discuss those fun troublemakers….The Agony Scene. Dan, Joe, and Buddy discuss whether The Agony Scene ever got any better than The Darkest Red. They discuss all the various record labels the band has been on despite their career and their triumphant return!

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 166 Mike Williams (The Agony Scene)

Mike Williams of The Agony Scene joins the podcast this week. Mike and I discuss what brought them back from their lengthy hiatus. We also talk about the band’s early days in Tulsa, OK. We also bring up the other big band from Tulsa, Hanson. Mike and I talk about being dads in bands and trying to be good parents. But most of all we discuss “Tormentor”, the band’s latest album. Before I talk to Mike I give a couple of concert reviews. I went to see The Fucking Pantera…

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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 356: Skeletonwitch, The Agony Scene, Depths of Hatred 2018 Album Reviews + Wisconsin Bandcamp Pick: Pangaea

Fun facts: Though Skeletonwitch and The Agony Scene may seem to be generations apart, Skeletonwitch actually released their first full-length a little over a year after The Agony Scene did! Aaaaaand Skeletonwitch released Beyond the Permafrost (2nd album) only three weeks before TAS released Get Damned (3rd album).

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