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The Classic Metal Show – Interview with The Dead Daisies’ Vocalist John Corabi 2018

Interview with The Dead Daisies’ vocalist John Corabi. Corabi called in to talk about the new Dead Daisies album BURN IT DOWN, as well as his new solo release LIVE 94 – ONE NIGHT IN NASHVILLE. Listen to “Interview with The Dead Daisies’ Vocalist John Corabi 2018” on Spreaker. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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Joel Gausten – Let It Scream, Watch It Burn: Looking Back (and Ahead) with John Corabi

Here is a sample of Joel’s interview with The Dead Daisies lead singer. We connected around this time last year to discuss the Daisies’ live album, and here we talking about the new studio record. You guys work fast, man! Yeah, it’s funny. I’ve been with the band for three years, and we’ve done four albums! That first year I was in, I really started working on the first record [with them], Revolución, in March. I believe it was March 10th, and we were done April 10th and went right…

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – The Three Johns – John Waite, John Corabi, John Bush

Listen to not one, not two, but three interviews with vocalists named John. Those being John Waite, John Corabi (The Dead Daisies) & John Bush (Armored Saint) First up, The Babys, Bad English and solo superstar, John Waite discusses rediscovering himself in Nashville, his acoustic Wooden Heart solo albums & tour, his roots in the Blues, his long illustrious career, the spirit of making music and technology, The Babys’ Head First album, Bad English & possible reunion, KISS’ Vinnie Vincent, his No Brakes album featuring single Missing You, Mask Of…

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The Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Show – The Dead Daisies (John Corabi & Doug Aldrich) – Rockford Files

This week Ralph Sutton and James L. Mattern (in Big Jay’s place) are joined by members of the band The Dead Daisies – John Corabi and Doug Aldrich and they discuss Game Of Thrones and James’s podcast about the show, Ralph’s latest Dick Tale, how women age vs. men, how John and Doug met, the creation of The Dead Daisies, the Tour Bus anniversary, terrestrial radio, John’s time in Motley Crue, meeting heroes, a live performance by the band, their Firsts and so much more!

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Focus On Metal – Two Johns

A double header of metal goodness this week as we bring you chats with vocalists John Bush and John Corabi. Armored Saint will be celebrating the metal classic, “Symbol of Salvation” by embarking on a tour where they’ll play the album in its entirety. John Bush is making his first appearance on FoM and will be giving us the update on that. On April 6th The Dead Daisies will be releasing their latest one “Burn It Down” and John Corabi stops by once again, this time to talk about that…

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Focus On Metal – EP 352 – A Brief History of Doug Aldrich pt2

Lion, Dio, House of Lords, Burning Rain, Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies, Revolution Saints we could go on and on but the common denominator in all of this is guitarist Doug Aldrich. This week we continue our career retrospective on Doug with a look at what he was up to from 1993 up to the release of Revolution Saints second release “Light in The Dark”. An amazing career and he’s still going strong blasting out amazing new tunes on his Les Paul Gold Top.

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Amps & Axes Podcast – #201 – Doug Aldrich

Greetings Castaholics and welcome to the coolest Podcast in the Universe… okay, maybe just the world. In this episode of the Amps and Axes Podcast, the guys bring you a rock guitarist who has landed gigs with some huge Rock and Roll acts. Early on, founding the band Burning Rain, he has also toured with Iconic acts such as Dio and Whitesnake. Currently making music as a member of The Dead Daisies, he’s a busy guy, so join us in thanking the man for taking the time to speak with…

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The Nothing Shocking Music Discussion Podcast – Doug Aldrich, RIP Tom Petty

Welcome to the Nothing Shocking Podcast. On episode 99 we talk with Doug Aldrich of Revolution Saints and The Dead Daisies, formerly of Whitesnake. Revolution Saints have a new album coming out called “Light in the Dark” October 13th. We also take sometime to remember Tom Petty and pay our respects to those involved in the Las Vegas tragedy.

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – Revolution Saints, Autograph & Iron Maiden

On this episode, former WHITESNAKE and current The Dead Daisies/Revolution Saints guitarist, Doug Aldrich talks about the new Revolution Saints’ Light In The Dark album, re-recording Whitesnake’s ’87 & Slip Of The Tongue albums, backstage fisticuffs, previous bands including Lion and becoming a painter. Next up, AUTOGRAPH’s STEVE LYNCH talks about their new album Get Off Your Ass, producer Andy Johns and the time he was invited to join KISS. Finally, former SAMSON & IRON MAIDEN drummer, THUNDERSTICK talks about the early days of both bands, his new album Something…

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Premier Guitar – Rig Rundown – The Dead Daisies’ Doug Aldrich and Marco Mendoza

PG’s John Bohlinger hung with Doug Aldrich and Marco Mendoza of the Dead Daisies before their paint-peeling, face-melting, sold-out at Nashville’s Basement East. Aldrich spends most of the set on these two 2006 Gibson R7 Les Paul Standards. Both have been upgraded with Aldrich’s signature Suhr humbuckers and larger stainless steel frets that were installed by Bruce Nelson in LA. Mendoza’s main bass is his ESP LTD Marco Mendoza Signature bass. This stunner features EMG X pickups, a Hipshot Extender, and a dark, see-through green sunburst finish.

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C.G.C.M. Podcast – Episode #11-The 30 Day Challenge (part deux)

For those playing along at home, you might remember a few weeks back the Canadian Geeks attempted to record 2 episodes in one night. The result was the 30 Day Song Challenge – Part 1. Well buckle up because what you are about to hear is the Canadian Geeks recording THREE episodes in one night. Who’s idea was that? Beer soaked babble, the geeks arguing and a call out challenge to another podcast! Hey let’s get drunk and start a fight LOL! As always some great music along the way.…

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Total Rock Radio – TotalRocks Sour Challenge Pt.3 Download 2017

Day three at Download – Sunday see’s In Flames, Steel Panther, Love Zombies, Tyler Bryant, Fallen State, Blood Youth, The Lounge Kittens, The Dead Daisies, Orange Goblin, The Charm The Fury, Stone Broken, DevilDriver, Touche Amore, Airbourne, Fozzy and Dead! take the ‘sour challenge’, here are the highlights!

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Sofa King Cool Online – Interview with John Corabi “I never wanted to commit Suicide”

Sofa King Cool caught up with John Corabi and we talked about The Dead Daisies World Tour, The Up coming show in Poland which will have over a million fans and the band will be playing with A full orchestra, Their new video for “An American Band” getting over 1 million views in less then a month, teaming up with Harley Davidson for the remaining shows, being the first band to play in Cuba after the embargo, Meet and Greets with Fans, how an internet video where he made a…

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