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Cobras And Fire – EP 117: Supergroups, Paul Stanley Lives to Hate, RATT Raisins, Colt 45

We packed a lot of Cobra Gold in this episode. Topics include the lack of “Super” in Ripper Owens’ latest group. How Joe Satriani managed to never join Whitesnake. Glen Tipton stopping but not quitting. The musical legacy of the Hardee’s Restaurant California Raisins. Mike Portnoy’s post Dream Theater life. Cobras & Fire very first foray into the world of mashups. And Paul Stanley’s latest Bitter, we mean, Twitter blast on Gene Simmons. And we play great songs from “Super” groups of varying degrees of “Super”.

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That Dandy Classic Music Hour – Them Crooked Vultures – Part 1

As far as supergroups go Them Crooked Vultures are as unlikely a pairing as could be expected. Not so much that Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Dave Grohl (Nirvana and Foo Fighters) would join forces, they’d been publicly teasing an alliance since at least 2005, but luring John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) into the fold was a huge, and unforeseen boon. Go here to read more about the episode.

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