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Focus On Metal – Thunder, Stage

This week Richie checks in with Thunder vocalist Danny Bowes about their new live album “Stage”. Given that Thunder has always had a huge fanbase in Europe unlike here in the States it’s only fitting that we let the Irishman in the house do this one. Wanna know about Thunder? Head to And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – Anvil & Thunder

On this episode of ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON, Mitch welcomes from Canadian metal legends ANVIL, singer LIPS and drummer Robb Reiner. The pair discuss the band’s latest album Pounding The Pavement, producer Chris Tsangarides (time: 16:40), touring with Aerosmith in the early ’80s & manager David Krebs, playing shows with Canadian music icon Bryan Adams and much more. The episode’s second interview is with long-standing UK band (and Mitch’s personal favourites), THUNDER. Singer Danny Bowes discusses the band’s charity work, his Bowes And Morley project, the recent Christmas shows…

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ARfm – Steve Price Rock Show – Sunday 06 Aug 17 with a world exclusive Steve Walsh/Jerome Mazza track

Steve Price Rock Show as broadcast live on ARfm Sunday 6th August 2017 featuring a world exclusive from Steve Walsh feat. Jerome Mazza, new tracks from Boulevard, Newman, Martina Edoff, Tony Mills and a classic from Target (feat. Jimi Jamison)

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La Mirada Negra – Spanish – 06 – 28

Programa Del Miércoles 28 De Junio

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Ignite AMR – Ignite Rocks 73

Loads of music with a positive energy about it. Great for 15mins or even 2 hrs; we’re in the cloud so always here for you! Come spend some time with us, bring a coffee, beer, wine…… depending what time it is. We don’t judge! Enjoy the show & come back again when ever theres a need! All retweets & shares are really appreciated by Me, Nick, The Bands, The Managers, The PR teams, The Pluggers, The Live Venue Hosts, The Merch helpers… get it…..all of us connected to the music.…

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