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Metalsucks Podcast – #229 – Between The Buried And Me’s Tommy Rogers

We discuss the band’s latest record, Automata 1, the reason behind the decision to release this record in two parts (Automata 2 is out in June), the process of making music with his bandmates, why concept records work so well for BTBAM, which of his albums is his most personal, the importance of North Carolina to the bands sound, the way he found his voice through the records, covering Chris Cornell early on in his career, and how lucky they are to be a band that truly gets along with one another.…

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Lead Singer Syndrome – Episode 26 – Tommy Rogers (Between The Buried And Me)

My old friend Tommy from Between The Buried And Me reached out to come on the show! Even though he “hates interviews” he wanted to be a part of LSS. It turned out to be a great chat about his deep love for music, his move to California to start a family, having the longest band name ever, writing on the road, being a private person, and of course Victory Records. A great dude and a very interesting listen!

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