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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – ET – Dee Snider

Twisted Sister mainman Dee Snider is back again, this time to promote his new solo album, ‘For the Love of Metal,’ which was produced by Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta. Snider also discusses if he’d ever do another show or album with Twisted Sister, shares a funny story about running into Chuck D. (Public Enemy, Prophets of Rage) at an amusement park, and discusses his new modern direction, among other things!

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Metalsucks Podcast – #249 – Dee Snider

The legendary Dee Snider is our guest this week. We discuss his new solo record For the Love of Metal (which was written and produced by Jamey Jasta), his fears he wouldn’t be able to deliver on a contemporary metal record, the inspiration Game of Thrones had on the effort, why he feels no need to make a new Twisted Sister album and how he landed a spot on Chappelle’s Show. He also updates us on the sequel to his film Strangeland, shares his thoughts on censorship coming from the liberal side…

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Metal Wani – DEE SNIDER on ‘For The Love For Metal’, Jay Jay French Controversy & Wish To Sing for AC/DC (2018)

Dee Snider has been active in the music industry for well over four decades and has firmly established himself as a rock icon, managing to stay relevant in a world where artists come and go like the wind. Currently marking his 42nd year since joining Twisted Sister, Dee continues to shock and awe audiences with his signature style of vocals which is both fresh and recognizable simultaneously. Dee recently took some time out of his incredibly busy schedule to have a chat with Metal Wani contributor Dawn “Mama Love” Brown…

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Let There Be Talk – #425: Jay Jay French / Guitarist for Twisted Sister

On today’s episode of LET THERE BE TALK the Legend Mr. Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister stops by for a very Heavy and Honest interview. Jay Jay went from Drug Dealer to Rock Star to Flat Broke to Successful Artist Manager to now a cancer survivor. This man is a true Soldier. This is one of my favorite episodes in a long time and it took place right in NEW YORK CITY. If you have not seen the Documentary Film We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! Do yourself a favor and…

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Michael Brandvold Marketing – Ep. 326 Jay Jay French Gives Us a Dose of Reality About the Music Business

French is most famous for his role as the founding member and one of the guitarists of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. Since his first performances with Twisted Sister, French has played more than 9000 concert performances. Being an avid runner, French has also completed two New York Marathons, in 1981 and 1986. As a guitar player, manager, producer and executive producer, French has sold over 20 million albums, performed in 34 countries and performed live over 9,000 times.

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The Jasta Show – Episode 358 – Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)

The one and only Dee Snider is BACK! I’m so excited for you guys to hear this episode. We can finally talk about ALLLL about the new record (out July 27!) and WE DO! Plus we talk ‘non metal things’, forever farewell tours, and some bonin’ music.

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Rock & Metal Combat Podcast – Episode 204 Twisted Sister Stay Hungry For Aaron Baker

  Check out the latest episode of the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast below. Ian and Ralph, better known as Wadzilla and Dr. Fukk bring you conversations about albums, bands, movies, and anything else that they may want to touch upon, in a manner you will surely never hear of from anyone else. Sit back and enjoy. Twisted Sister Stay Hungry For Aaron Baker

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Three Sides Of The Coin – Ep. 277 Vinnie Vincent, Jay Jay French & Slim Jim Phantom Live at Spooky Empire 2018

What a show this week! The highlight is our interview with Vinnie Vincent at the 2018 Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL. We talk about the first time he met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. His memories of the Creatures of the Night tour in Brazil. When work first started on the Lick It Up album and of course… Did Vinnie Vincent Save KISS? Also stopping by our table at Spooky Empire was Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister and Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats. We wrap things up…

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The Classic Metal Show – Dee Snider’s Disdain For Metal Posers

Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider took to express his disgust for people who are not heavy metal fans wearing heavy metal t-shirts and merchandise. Listen to “Dee Snider’s Disdain For Metal Posers” on Spreaker. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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C.G.C.M. Podcast – Episode #11-The 30 Day Challenge (part deux)

For those playing along at home, you might remember a few weeks back the Canadian Geeks attempted to record 2 episodes in one night. The result was the 30 Day Song Challenge – Part 1. Well buckle up because what you are about to hear is the Canadian Geeks recording THREE episodes in one night. Who’s idea was that? Beer soaked babble, the geeks arguing and a call out challenge to another podcast! Hey let’s get drunk and start a fight LOL! As always some great music along the way.…

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Talking Metal – Ojeda On Twisted Sister “We haven’t broken up, we are just not touring anymore.” on TM 680

On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl interviews Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda.  Topics include Twisted Hot Sauce, Lemmy, Ronnie James Dio, Mike Portnoy, AJ Pero, the future of Twisted Sister, Adam Reiver at FU Tone, Ace Frehley, John Ostronomy and much more. “We haven’t broken up, we are just not touring anymore.” says Eddie Ojeda during the interview. Listen to “TM 680 Twisted Sister” on Spreaker.

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Pure Rock Radio – PENCIL’S ROADHOUSE: Pencil Goes Prog! A Tribute to YES

This week Pencil’s delves into Progressive Rock with a tribute to the legendary YES, who celebrate 50 years of music this year! Also a WIDE mix of Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from the likes of Kiss, Kick Axe, Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, The Ramones, Rush, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Queen, Slayer, The Doors, Supertramp, Prism, Phil Collins, Reo Speedwagon, Skid Row, Tesla, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue and a ton more on this week’s EXTENDED show. This episode of PENCIL’S ROADHOUSE originally aired Live…

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Pure Rock Radio – Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3: Sweatin’ To The Oldies?

This week, Rich decides to spin his personal “Summer Playlist”, as we finally hit summer (unofficially) and the hot temperatures to go with it. With the day’s heat reaching 30 Celsius+ (aprox. 90f) we truly are “Sweatin’ To the Oldies,” as we take a trip down memory lane! Tunes from Autograph, Loverboy, Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Cinderella, Great White, La Guns, Ratt, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Valentine, Poison, The Black Crowes, Firehouse, Platinum Blonde, Beau Nasty, Timm Karr, Paul Laine (Danger Danger frontman from 1993-1995 and 1997-2004), Slaughter, Icon,…

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