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The Sons Of Metal Podcast – Episode #72: All Follow the Evil Conqueror

CHR and Doug bring you a varied set of picks this month, starting out with the newest album from Salt Lake City’s Visigoth and following up with the final album from Germany’s Cripper. In the indie segment, CHR takes you back to Australia to listen to Louis Rando’s newest project, Depravity. In Heavy Metal Valhalla, Doug looks at the breakout album by a band that needs no intro, Metallica.

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MSR Cast – 205: Masters Of Metal

Join the MSRcast crew sa they dive into a bunch of new 2018 releases including some stellar new music from Slugdge, Ocean Of Grief, Barren Earth, Tengger Cavalry, Visigoth and so much more! Keep it metal! The official MSRcast website is live! Visit us at, or, for all of your MSRcast needs, including archives of podcasts, interviews, reviews, and lots more. Remember to contact us at [email protected], and follow us over on twitter, @msrcast and @themetalpigeon. Come and join Cary and Sean over on Facebook, and while you…

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MSRcast – 183: Fire And Metal

Join us for some Fire and Metal as we invite on Jon Winningham from the brand new podcast, Texas Metal Show and Texas Metal Radio to jam some Metal and discuss topics ranging from our most wanted upcoming shows, Iron Maiden, Belphegor and Dungeons And Dragons.

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Full Metal Hipster – Full Metal Hipster #44 – Heavy Metal Heat With NIGHT DEMON and VISIGOTH

Welcome to episode #44 of the Full Metal Hipster podcast. This week I have interviews with Jarvis Leatherby who sings and plays bass in Night Demon (Facebook) (I incorrectly said he played guitar in the podcast) and Jake Rogers who’s Visigoth’s (Facebook) singer. Both band’s releases stellar debuts last year and they’re touring North America together right now. They’re playing New York City this Friday 4/29/2016 and you should definitely come out and join me if you live in the Big Apple. Enjoy this heavy metal heat, y’all!

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