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Pods & Sods Network – Bermuda Schwartz Picks The Essential Weird Al Originals

Weird Al’s lifelong drummer, Bermuda Schwartz joins Eric to share his 10 Essential Weird Al original songs. Also some memories and anecdotes about working on those songs, what it’s like for him to perform the wide variety of styles in Al’s catalog both original and parody, memories from some of the video shoots, how Al presents songs to the band, what it’s been like for him on the long journey beside one of the greats. Read more here.

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MESA/Boogie – Tone Sessions: Jim ‘Kimo’ West & Rosette™ 2×8 Acoustic Combo – “Kohala No”

As guitarist for ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic since 1984, Mesa Artist Jim West wears many hats. In addition to his gig with ‘Weird Al’, Jim is also an outstanding slack-key guitarist with 11 albums in the style, many with long-time friend and slack-key collaborator, Ken Emerson, in their Slackers in Paradise duo.

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Rock And/Or Roll – ROCK AND/OR ROLL 113 – ENCORE

With over 100 episodes in the can that means that well over 1000 bands or artists have been played on the podcast thus far, some of them more than once but many of them only once. For this episode BJ revisited the previous episodes and chose 20+ bands or artists to give an encore. On this episode BJ plays another song by bands or artists that have only been played once before on the show. Go here to read more. [embedded content]

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