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Three Sides Of The Coin – Ep. 282 The Best KISS Album to Not Have a KISS Logo Wendy O. Williams WOW

This week we are joined by Ron Albanese and we dig into the best KISS album to not have a KISS logo, Wendy O. Willaims WOW! After The Plasmatics toured with KISS on the Creatures of the Night tour Gene Simmons produced Wendy O. Williams first solo album WOW. This album featured contributions from Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent. We go through the album track by track. Peppered throughout this week’s show is also some really great Cheap Trick discussion.

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Rock Strikes Ten – Episode 299: Cunning Duets

The Male and Female duets episode commissioned by Todd Cunningham of Livermore California.

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Decibel Geek TV – 1984 Year in Review Part 1 Ep. 141

We’re back with a discussion of the first half of 1984. All the facts, news stories, pop culture are brought to you by Aaron and Chris along with a soundtrack of great music released during the first half of the year. Tracks from Bon Jovi, Anthrax, Warlock, Kick Axe, Van Halen, Wendy O. Williams and tons more. Jump in the time machine and rock back to 1984 with us!

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Decibel Geek Podcast – Radio Sucks Radio Show v28 – Ep273

DBG VIP Joe Becht joins the guys this week for Radio Sucks Radio Show v28. In this two-hour music and discussion episode, Joe spins killer tracks from artists and albums that he think weren’t given a fair shake by the mainstream radio community. However, in this long-form episode you’ll get great songs from Skid Row, Wendy O. Williams, Plasmatics, King’s X, Angel, Trouble, Rush, Love/Hate, Cheap Trick, and The Cult. It’s a fun ride with great stories and an even better soundtrack.

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Joel Gausten – Butcher Babies: The Day The Plasmatics Incinerated Pier 62

There will never be another Wendy O. Williams. On the 18th anniversary of her passing, I’d like to share this story that former Plasmatics guitarist Richie Stotts told me back in 2002 about the band’s legendary performance at New York City’s Pier 62 in the fall of 1980. (Video appears at the bottom of this feature.) This story is part of an extensive oral history of the band by Richie that appears in my 2010 book, From Satan to Sabbath:The METAL Interviews 2000-2009.  Here’s Richie: “We got a permit from…

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Rock Strikes Ten – Episode 188 – The Fallen Of 2015 – Volume 5

More people who left us this year.

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