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One On One With Mitch Lafon – 1on1 Mitch Lafon – 239 Wolf Hoffman (ACCEPT)

In the show’s only interview, ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman discusses his new solo album Headbangers Symphony, his work as a commercial photographer, the next new ACCEPT album, the possibility of a symphonic Accept album, singer Mark Tornillo, why he never joined another band and a lot more.

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The Classic Metal Show – Swimming In The Jizz Pool For Susanna Hoffs

Neeley and Chris read a story about a “sex spa” in New York that has a problem with the guests continually having sex in their pools. This leads to Chris wondering if Neeley would jump into a pool that some man came in if Susanna Hoffs was in there willing to have sex with him. Neeley and Chris read a story about a girl and her Blaxican heritage. This leads to further discussion on why the guys think that identifying with a heritage instead of with yourself as an individual…

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Ghost Cult Magazine – My Favorite Tour Ever… Wolf Hoffman of Accept

“We’ve been doing it so long, I would say the best year, if I were to think back on my whole career, is probably like in 1984 when we were all innocent little kids from Germany and we came to America for the first time. We discovered this huge market and the country of the United States. We met all these people that were our heroes. That was really a big world that opened up for us for the first time. That was pretty spectacular back then. The year, 1984,…

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The Classic Metal Show – Disaster On The High Seas – The Def Leppard Cruise Debacle

The guys take a call from CMS fan Wes from Louisiana. Wes and his wife paid for the V.I.P. package on the Def Leppard Cruise and gives a full report on what a complete disaster and waste of money the entire experience was. Neeley and Chris discuss Bob Nalbandian’s next documentary about the Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene. Neeley talks about the musicians he encountered at NAMM and the chatroom accuses Neeley of being a name dropper, which leads to conversation of the BIGGEST name dropper in metal, Eddie Trunk.

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