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The Official Danko Jones Podcast – Episode #169_ The Rock N_ Roll scene in 2018.m4a

Danko features 11 new exciting RNR bands playing today. There needs to be a cohesive Rock N’ Roll scene and this episode is an attempt. Bands spotlighted – Lüt, Faz Waltz, Big Kizz, Gin Lady, Wyldlife, The Cry, Death By Unga Bunga, Miraculous Mule, Biblical, Imperial State Empire and The Night Flight Orchestra  

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 84: Punk Ass Bitch

Punk Ass Bitch – Rob, our “Fact Bastard” joins the show for a modern Punk themed ep but quickly tangents to other genres and subjects such as Laporte Doom Metal, silly song titles, a Bush Bro-down and more. Music: Bad Religion, Angel City Outcasts, NOFX, L7, Local H, Biters, Menzingers, Wyldlife, Descendents, Megadeth, Shatterproof

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 64: Lost in the Shuffle & Trunk vs. Catman Phone Call re: NAMM Snub

Ep 64: Bakko and Loose Cannon play killer 2016 tracks lost in the shuffle. We feature a hacked Eddie Trunk vs. Eric “Catman” Singer phone call re: the NAMM snub, Chickenfoot’s “Greatest Hits”, the Ghost of Tom Chaod, Bakko does an incredible Bruce Springsteen impression and announce our new not-for-profit. Music: Wyldlife, Chickenfoot, Pretty Reckless, Sum 41, Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello Kopak. Keep your choad clean!

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